Skills Contest


The Skills Contest Final is played on Sunday 8 June at 14.00CET on Court 1.

1. Valentina Baldelli (Italy) GOLD
2. Hind Abdelkader (Belgium) SILVER
3. Jewell Loyd (USA) BRONZE
3. Fleur Devillers (France) BRONZE

The final follows the same format but see players facing each other head-to-head on the same court. The first round is composed of two head-to-head matches with the winner of both matches advancing to the second round. The second round follows the same format. The winner gets gold, the runner-up gets silver and the 2 players who didn't advance to the second round of the final both get bronze.


Up to 1 player from each women's team can take part.


Two pools were split over two courts. The player is standing at the starting line, after the “Go”, a ball has to be taken off an obstacle, dribbled through a slalom parcourse and put again on an obstacle. Then 1 out of max 3 balls has to be passed into a target (in case no balls hits the target, the player is Out) and the same parcourse has to be accomplished back to the Finish line. The fastest two women from each pool proceed to the final.

The Skills Contest Qualifiers were played on Saturday 7 June at 13.20CET on Courts 3 and 4.

Court 3

Name Time
Claudia Brunet (Andorra) 13'93"
Melisa Gretter (Argentina) 12'57"
Hind Abdelkader (Belgium)  9'12"
Fu Jing (China) 12'96"
Veronika Bortelova (Czech Republic) 13'97"
Fleur Devillers (France) 9'01"
Annika Danckert (Belgium) 10'45"
Bettina Szabo (Hungary) 11'19"
Citta Pratitan (Indonesia) OUT
Valentina Baldelli (Italy) 9'15"

Court 4

Name Timing
Jinga Gosschalk (Netherlands) OUT
Florina Diaconu (Romania) 11'27"
Alexandra Stoylar (Russia) 18'12"
Yurena Diaz (Spain) 13'46"
 Alexia Rol (Switzerland) 10'15"
 Myriam Djandji (Syria) 10'53"
 Hela Msadek (Tunisia) 10'31"
 Vita Gorobets (Ukraine) 11'78"
 Victoria Pereyra (Uruguay) 13'43"
 Jewell Loyd (USA) 8'76"


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