Free-throw Pursuit


The Free-Throw Pursuit Final is played on Sunday 8 June at 15.15CET on Court 1.


1. Angel Santana (Romania) GOLD
2. Ann Wauters (Belgium) SILVER
3. Amaya Gastaminza (Spain) BRONZE
4. Douglas Motta (Brazil) BRONZE
5. Marley Wyne (Brazil)
6. Jane Svilberg (Estonia)
7. Takeshi Nomoto (Japan)
8. Rebecca Nassioalubulwa (Uganda)

The final follows the same format as the qualification, but this time with men and women taking part together. The winner gets gold, the runner-up gets silver and the third and fourth best players both get bronze.


Up to 1 player from each men’s and/or women's team can take part.


A maximum of 16 players (per court with men and women separated on different courts) line up at the free-throw line. One after the other attempt a free-throw, whereas shooting is allowed as soon as the player in front has completed the shooting movement (ball has left hand). In case one player misses the basket and the following player succeeds, this player is taken out of the competition. Every player needs to collect the ball and pass it immediately to the next player in the order, no matter if the attempt was successful or not. This procedure continues until the best 4 women and best 4 men remain on the different courts.

The Women Free-Throw Pursuit Qualifiers were played on Saturday 7 June at 13.00CET on Courts 3 and 4.

Registered players:

Court 3

Cristina Andres (Andorra)
Sofia Aispurua (Argentina)
Ann Wauters (Belgium)
Marley Wyne (Brazil)
Li Shanshan (China)
Petra Reisingerova (Czech Rep.)
Jane Svilberg (Estonia)
Hhadydia Minte (France)
Jezabel Ohanian (Germany)
Vivien Szabo (Hungary)
Mandie Soegkono (Indonesia)
Elisa Ercoli (Italy)

Court 4

Sarah Mourik (Netherlands)
Cristina Bigica (Romania)
Anastasia Logunova (Russia)
Amaya Gastaminza (Spain)
Marielle Giroud (Switzerland)
Haya Al Malki (Syria)
Nadia Hamzaoui (Tunisia)
Rebecca Nassioalubulwa (Uganda)
Nataliya Skorbatyuk (Ukraine)
Florencia Somma (Uruguay)
Sara Hammond (USA)

The Men Free-Throw Pursuit Qualifiers are played on Saturday 7 June at 16.40 local time on Courts 3 and 4.

Registered players: 

Court 3

Gabriel Deck (Argentina)
Douglas Motta (Brazil)
Zhennian Zuo (China)
Bozidar Vrdoljak (Croatia)
Martin Gniadek (Czech Rep.)
Siim Raudla (Estonia)
Rahul Tamara (Indonesia)
Takeshi Nomoto (Japan)
Darius Tarvydas (Lithuania)
Jesper Jobse (Netherlands)

Court 4

Rory Fannon (New Zealand)
Przemyslaw Lewandowski (Poland)
Carlos Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Angel Santana (Romania)
Dusan Domovic Bulut (Serbia)
Rok Smaka (Slovenia)
Skander Aboudi (Tunisia)
Fernando Gutierrez (Uruguay)
Thomas Darrow (USA)


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