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Will USA complete its mission?

Turkey will be the host for the most important basketball event on the planet. It is the first time that this youthful and dynamic nation hosts a championship of such magnitude. And Turkey's fans are ready to fully embrace the biggest ever sports event ever assigned to their country.

The 2010 FIBA World Championship for Men in Turkey could well see the same strong USA team that triumphed during the Olympics in Beijing. The question nevertheless remains whether they can reproduce the same winning form and result. Indeed, the level in international basketball has never been higher and the competition never tougher.

Three USA world titles in 15 appearances

Team USA accomplished their mission in re-establishing US basketball as the top team in Olympic competition during the 2008 Beijing Games. Under the leadership of team supremo Jerry Colangelo the 'motherland' of basketball has expanded its Olympic dominance to 13 gold medals in 16 appearances.

Less impressive for a country with their ambition and level of expectation is the record of the world's top basketball nation in FIBA World Championships with just three gold medals in 15 appearances.

The last time the USA took home gold was in Toronto in 1994, with a team that included star players Shaquille O'Neal, Alonzo Mourning and Reggie Miller. That was also the first time NBA players took part in the FIBA World Championship. Previously, like in Olympic competition, the USA was represented solely by college players.

After the final buzzer in Beijing the question on everybody’s mind was: Which team automatic qualifiers USA would be sending to Turkey?

"What these guys didn't know is they actually signed up for an eight-year commitment," joked Colangelo when asked after the Olympic Final whether the team would remain together.

Even if that sounded like a joke, Colangelo knows perfectly well that he needs to line up an extremely competitive team in Turkey to reassert themselves as undisputed champions with countries like Spain and Argentina hot on their tails.

Not only do many experts agree that winning a World Championship title is considerably tougher than securing Olympic gold, but Colangelo is also well aware that a World Championship title would guarantee a spot at the 2012 London Olympics.

All other teams will have to go through a gruelling qualification process at the continental championships in summer 2011 or at the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in 2012. View the all time medalist count.


Turkey 2010 welcomes you - One World - One Title

The FIBA World Championship is played every 4 years and determines the world’s best basketball nation.

The inaugural FIBA World Championship was played in 1950 in Argentina and the competition has been held 15 times since.

The 2010 edition will be played in Turkey between 28th August and 12th September in the cities of Ankara, Kayseri, Izmir and Istanbul.

24 teams are qualified for the event, while the draw on 15th December divided them into four groups of six.

To find out how they qualified, click here

For a closer look at each group, click here


The giants of all continents are in our country

As the Local Organizing Committee, we are putting our strongest effort into hosting the World’s Basketball Giants in the best way possible in this beautiful country, where the continents and paths of civilizations meet and several different beliefs have been living together in harmony throughout history.

The World Championship returns to Europe after twelve years, where it will be played for the fourth since it was first organized played in 1950. In 2010, Turkey is proud and excited to be hosting the biggest and most prestigious of all basketball events.

Becoming the reference country for the following World Championships by taking the previously hosted organisations up to another level is the goal that was set by Turkey and the Local Organising Committee.

We are working with our utmost energy to host 24 countries from five continents so that when we bid farewell to teams and fans, they leave taking with them joyous memories following the Championship, which will be held between 28th August and12th September 2010 in the cities of Ankara, Kayseri, İzmir and İstanbul.

Taking over the flag from two economical superpowers, USA and Japan, leads us to work much harder to reach our goals as the host country.

In this sense, the full support of Turkish public is required and it becomes a must to put this event at the forefront of people’s minds so that the available resources and opportunities may be channelled towards to the needs of such a big and significant organisation.

The basketball fans travelling to our country to be a part of the World Championship will be watching the basketball stars live as well as blending in with basketball fans having converged from other countries. Our guests will taste all the gorgeousness of basketball while, at the same time, profiting from the opportunity of experiencing the famous natural beauties and historical wonders on offer.

With our ambitions set on achieving an unprecedented level of excellence in the organization of the 2010 FIBA World Championship, we are aware of the marvellous opportunities and possible benefits this event could have in the promotion of the country, in stimulating our economy and cementing our reputation in the world of sports.

On one hand, five magnificent arenas specially built or renovated for the World Championship will stand as the biggest heritage of this momentous event for the benefit of future generations.

On the other hand, the international authorities will be keeping a close eye on the projects developed for and around this event, evaluating the World Championship as the biggest reference in view of Turkey’s ultimate dream of hosting the Olympic Games, which further increases the significance of the event to our country.

The Local Organizing Committee is fully aware of this huge responsibility and is responding by giving its full-hearted efforts towards the preparations for what will be the biggest and most important sports event ever to be hosted in Turkey.

The works and preparations are continuing on a 24/7 basis to reach the target of hosting a Championship worthy of Turkey and the Turkish public’s reputation; a Championship to be hosted in 4 great cities where 80 games will be played and followed from all around the world.

We are welcome you to this joyous and exciting event, where the greatest basketball team in the world will be determined.

2010 FIBA World Championship Local Organizing Committee.

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