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Welcome to Beijing

In 2008, when you are at the grand occasion of the Olympic Games with the theme slogan of "One World One Dream", you will also find yourselves experiencing the oriental ancient civilization of Beijing.

Beijing was the capital city of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties of China.

The largest palace of the world, the Forbidden City, is located on the central axis of Beijing city.

Together with the Summer Palace - a royal park, the Great Wall, Beijing Royal Quadrangle Courtyard etc, Beijing has 7300 cultural relics and historical sites, as well as more than 200 scenic spots.

Beijing, the Capital City, is the political, cultural and diplomatic centre of China. It has become a modern international cosmopolitan city with more than 11 million people.

The Capital International Airport, 23.5 km from the city centre, is China's largest and most advanced airport. There are close to 40 five-star hotels in Beijing and the international direct distance dialing can reach 240 countries and regions.

August and September are the end of summer and the beginning of autumn in Beijing, with the highest temperature around 30°C and the lowest temperature around 18°C.

This is the best season of the year in Beijing when the sky is blue and clear. The city feels especially spacious and airy when the distant lofty Yanshan Ridge could be seen from the height of the Forbidden City. Beijing can be said to have the charm of antiquity as well as the spirit of modernity indeed.

More information about your Olympic journey in Beijing is available here.

source: BOCOG website


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