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Japan vs Jordan
Third day of the Quarter-Finals round of 2007 FIBA Asia Championship, Tokushima, Japan. 02 August 2007.
02/08/2007JPN/JOR - Consolation win for Japan; Distress for Jordan

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TOKUSHIMA (FIBA Asia Championship) - Japan's 71-68 win in the Group F Quarterfinal round on Thursday might have brought some succor to the grief caused by their ouster, but the defeat hurt more than the result alone for Jordan.

The reverse left Jordan out of the title contention, ushering Kazakhstan to top of the pool and an entry into the semifinals.

"We were playing for our pride," said Japanese coach Kimikazu Suzuki.

"So many fans had come braving the typhoon. We didn't want to disappoint them. They were anyway heartbroken after our ouster. I hope this soothes some pain," he added.

"We were under tremendous pressure. And that showed in our performance," said Jordan coach Mario Palma.

"We fell early short by about 20 points. But then we did really well to fight back. But they way we were missing some simple shots didn't help us," he said.

Jordan who trailed 47-62 at the end of the third quarter, ran a 21-9 spree in the fourth, but that proved insufficient.

"We managed to bring it down to one point deficit, but the way we missed that final attempt looked very bad," Palma said.

"We missed an easy lay-up, then missed the rebound three times, and finally ended the attempt with a foul on ourselves," lamented the coach of Portuguese origin.


Japan 71 (JR Sakuragi 17, Takehiko Orimo 14, Kosuke Takeuchi 11, Takuya Nawamura 11) bt Jordan 68 (Rasheim Wright 15, Zaid AlKhas 12, Wasam Al Sous 12). Quarterwise: 21-7, 37-26, 62-47.

S Mageshwaran