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Hong Kong vs Syria
Second day of the preliminary round of the 2007 FIBA Asia Championhip, Tokushima, Japan. 29 July 2007.
29/07/2007SYR/HKG - Syria let Hong Kong off the hook

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TOKUSHIMA (FIBA Asia Championship) - Syria, who looked a lot more composed and cohesive than in their opener on Saturday, had only themselves to blame for Sunday's defeat. Having kept pace with Hong Kong all through the encounter, Syria fumbled when push came to shove allowing their East Asian rivals to get away.

Hong Kong, who had maintained a slight edge, albeit only in terms of the scores, proved too smart to not seize the opening let out by their rivals. The 21-6 spree in the first ten minutes, when Poon Chi Hoo and Fong Shing Yee were at their sizzling best,

Hong Kong 104 (Poon Chi Hoo 38, Fong Shing Yee 22) bt Syria 100 (Micheal Madanly 27, Shadi Labes 18, Rami Alkatib 14). Quarterwise: 22-13, 45-42, 90-79.

S Mageshwaran