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Lebanon vs Kuwait
JOSEPH VOGEL (Lebanon). First day of the preliminary round of the 2007 FIBA Asia Championhip, Tokushima, Japan. 28 July 2007.
28/07/2007LIB/KUW - Lebanon start on a winning note

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TOKUSHIMA (FIBA Asia Championship) - Last edition runners-up Lebanon carried too many guns to overpower Kuwait, 104-59, to start their Group 'B' campaign on a winning note.

The difference in the quantity and quality of offense moves was quite distinctly reflected in the final score-line, with Lebanese mainstays Joseph Vogel and Fadi El Khatib, with support from Rony Fahed and Ali Mahmoud, warming up rather well for the bigger encounters coming up in the Championship.

Lebanon 104 (Joseph Vogel 26, Fadi El Khatib 25, Rony Fahed 17) bt Kuwait 59 (Fahad Alrabah 13, Mohammad Ashkanani 13). Quarterwise: 19-14, 48-29, 79-37.

S Mageshwaran