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Qatar vs Japan
Saad ALI (Qatar). Seventh place game of 2007 FIBA Asia Championship, Tokushima, Japan. 05 August 2007.
05/08/2007QAT/JPN - Qatar finish seventh

Boxscores | Photo gallery | Video interview with Yasseen MUSA (Qatar)

TOKUSHIMA (FIBA Asia Championship) - Qatar fought back gallantly to defeat Japan 86-82 on Sunday to take the seventh place.

"Like I said, it calls for a lot of character to play these games. And I'm happy we end the Championship with a win," Qatar coach Edward Andrist.

"Seventh place finish is not something we came looking for. But that's what reality is. We have to live with it," he said.

"The point of interest is not where we finished, but to check whether we played to our ability. That's something the players ought to introspect about," the American said.

Japan coach Kimikazu Suzuki echoed Andrist's words.

"Eighth place finish hurts. But more importantly, I think this team deserved to finish higher than eighth," he said.


Qatar 86 (Yasseen Musa 18, Daoud Daoud 14) bt Japan 82 (Takuya Nawamura 20, Joji Takeuchi 14). Quarterwise: 17-22, 34-38, 59-47.

S Mageshwaran

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