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Sergio Hernandez (ARG)
Sergio, Hernandez, Argentina, coach


Nationality: Argentinean
Date of Birth: 01/11/1963
Place of birth: Buenos Aires
Club Team 2005-06: Argentinean national team
Career: SC de Cañada de Gomez (Argentina-Liga Nacional, 1992-95), Deportivo Roca Rio Negro (Argentina-Liga Nacional, 1995-97), Regatas San Nicolás (Argentina-Liga Nacional, 1997-98), Estudiantes Olavarria (Argentina-Liga Nacional, 1998-2003), Boca Juniors (Argentina-Liga Nacional, 2003-05).
International career: Head Coach of the ARG National Team at the 2005 FIBA Amerias Championship.

It took a while for the Argentinean federation to find a successor for the legendary Ruben Magnano - the man who took "la albi-celeste" all the way to the top. Eight months passed until Sergio Hernandez was officially selected as the new national team coach.

Hernandez was not the favourite in that race, but he won because of his management skills. A heavy fan of Phil Jackson, he's known for his ability to relate to his players and use them to the best of their ability. It appears as if Hernandez was born to coach, as he won the Coach of the Year award in his very first season in the Liga Nacional - Argentina's first division - at the tender age of 29.

Focused and confident, "la Oveja" (the sheep, his nickname) has quickly left the shadow of Magnano to write his own story with the national team. Even though he has yet to coach the heroes of 2004 in a major competition, last year he managed to take the National Team comprised of reserve players to the FIBA Americas Championship final, holding his own against eventual champion Brazil.