Player Profile & Statistics
Michail Kakiouzis
Michail KAKIOUZIS (Greece)
DOB: 11/29/1976
Place of birth: Athens (Greece)
Height: 207cm/6'9"
Weight: 101kg/223lbs
Position: Power Forward
Main statistics
Points per game 9.3
Rebounds per game 4
Assists per game 0.2
 Player Profile
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Career: Ionikos (Greece-A2, 1990-95), AEK (Greece-ESAKE, 1995-2002), Siena (Italy-Lega, 2002-05), Barcelona (Spain-ACB, 2005-06).

In ancient Greece, people were asking "Pythia" when they wanted to learn about the future. In modern times, Greek basketball has Mihalis Kakiouzis playing the role of… Pythia. Last summer, at the beginning of the preparation for the Eurobasket 2005, the captain of the team said in an interview: "we will win the gold medal". Most of the people laughed at him saying that he is - at least - crazy, and that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Just two months later, all those people went to celebrate together with Mihalis and the other guys the gold medal won in Belgrade. Kakiouzis is the soul of the team. He is the captain, and, on that team, it means a lot. He is the one who talks to teamates, who will give the signal for the final offensive play! Except those things, Kakiouzis is a great player. Playing the last four years in Europe with Siena and Barcelona (the team of his dreams) he became more mature and more skilled. Member of the Junior team that won the Gold Medal, 11 years ago, in the World Championship, he is one of the best ambassadors of Greek basketball.

Very intelligent, talented, and at his best as he just turned 30, he will be a steady member of starting five of the team.

 Competition   PPG   RPG   APG 
 EuroBasket 2007  4  1.4   0.2 
 Stankovic Continental Champions Cup 2006  6  3   1 
 FIBA World Championship 2006  9.3  4   0.2 
 EuroBasket 2005  7.3  4.7   0.4 
 Olympic Games: Tournament for Men 2004  10.1  4.7   0.7 
 European Championship for Men 2003  4  1.3   0.3 
 European Championship for Men 2001  4  2.4   0 
 Saporta Cup 2000  11.5  4.9   1.9 
 Saporta Cup 1999  9.5  3   0.8 
 European Championship for Men 1999  8.3  3.3   0 
 EuroLeague Men 1998  4.8  2.5   0.9 
 European Championship for Men 1997  4.3  1.3   0.3 
 European Cup Radivoj Korac 1996  16  5.6   0.8 
 European Championship for Men '22 and Under' 1996  8.6  4   0.7 
 World Championship for Junior Men 1995  21.3  7.3   0.9 
 European Championship for Junior Men 1994  10.7  0   0 
 European Championship for Cadets 1993  12.9  0   0