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 BASKETBALL NEWS CHINA                         
Basket News China Basketball News CHINA, the first basketball newspaper and the most popular one in China, was founded in July 15th 2004, 3 years after the captial city won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games, and one month before the Athens Olympic games. The 20-page weekly newspaper, with a 4-page cover and a 16-page content, serves as the Chinese students' first choice sports newspaper in China.

During the FORTUNE's 2005 Global Tribune in Beijing, Li Yuanwei, executive vice president and secretary general of the Chinese Basketball Association, said that Basketball is the first sports in CHINA.

Basketball News CHINA proves that he tells the truth. The circulation of the newspaper is booming in an incredible speed in its first 2 years. During the Finals of China's professional league CBA and the Playoffs of NBA 2006, the circulation reached 300,000 in late April and early May, larger than any other soccer newspaper. And a recent survy by the newspaper shows that one piece of Basketball News CHINA is shared by an average of 5 readers.

 FIVE - BASKETBALL FOR LIFE! (Germany)                        
FIVE basketball magazine

FIVE was founded in 2003 to bring the German basketball fan base an unprecedented in-depth coverage of the world of basketball. While the NBA presents the focal point of the magazine, the German National League, as well as the NCAA and various grassroots events regularily find their place in FIVE. Operating from Cologne, Germany, FIVE has established a network of respected journalist in several countries, in order to bring the basketball community original news and features.

The editorial of FIVE often goes beyond the usual sports journalism, offering scouting reports of the featured players as well as personality stories which introduce the reader to the human inside the jersey.

FIVE has been featured at the NBA Finals and referred to by various German dailys such as the Sueddeutsche, the Handelsblatt and even the renowned US-magazine SLAM!

Language: German
Periodicity: 10 times a year
Number of pages: 100
Countries of distribution: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux
Content: NBA, German National League, NCAA, Streetball, Internaltional Events
Circulation: 25,000 - 30,000
Price: 3,90 Euro

 View Sven Simon's (FIVE's journalist) blog

 SUPERBASKET (Italy)                        

Superbasket is the historical weekly magazine of Italian Basketball. Founded in 1979 by Aldo Giordani, the father of all the italian basketball journalists, is one of older basketball publications in Europe and obviously a point of reference for all Italian basketball, not only for the professional club but for the amateur both men and women club also. After the move from Milan to Bologna, since year 1992 Superbasket has his own journalists at all the major events of our world: Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships; more, alla the NBA Finals and NCAA Final Four played since that time. But at the same you can find some of them at the Junior League Finals.
In the first issue of the Superbasket after the FIBA World Championship tip-off, out on sale from August 22th, 39 pages has been dedicated to the current competition in Japan, on the total of 64 of the magazine. It never happened for the past great events a huge coverage like this, that represent at today a kind of new record for the italian magazine. Alongside Superbasket, Cantelli Editore is now publishing other three basketball magazines: Superbasket Highligths (bi-monthly, 96 pages, circulation 50.000, 4.50 euro), American Superbasket (bi-weekly, 64 pages, circulation 55.000, 3.70 euro) and the technichal newsletter Giganti del Basket B&T (monthly, 64 pages, circulation 12.000, only for subscribers). Actually the Editor-in-Chief of the magazines is Franco Montorro, and six are the journalists that are working for.

Language: Italian
Periodicity: weekly magazine, 52 issues a year
Number of pages: 72
Countries of distribution: Italy
Content: Italian LegaA, Legadue, Minor Leagues Men, Women Leagues; more, Olympics, FIBA World and European Championships; all the most important European Leagues; European Uleb and Fiba Cups; NBA, NCAA, WNBA
Circulation: 65,000
Readers: 180,000
Price: 2,90 Euro

 TITAN (China)                        
Titan basketball magazine

As the leading sports publisher in China, Titan sports is delighted to become "Official FIBA Media Partner" and have great confidence that we will maintain a lengthy and strong relationship with FIBA.
Titan Sports is the top-selling sports newspaper in China with a circulation of 5 million copies per week. Our newspaper, which goes on sale Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is printed in over 34 cities .
Slam is our newly-published basketball magazine with exclusive copyright in Chinese version authorized by American Slam magazine since Jun 2006.Our readers exclusively enjoy the updated news and reports for NBA stars and evnts.
Furthermore, we have China's leading weekly football magazine, Soccer Weekly as well as a multi-sport magazine, Allsports. We recently launched Golf Digest and soon Outside under licences from the US.
Titan sports is committed to cooperate with the international sports organizations. Being "FIFA offical media supporter in China", Titan sports was the official media supporter for 2006 FIFA World Cup and 2004 Asia Cup.