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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the current 2010 FIBA basketball rules on you website?

The FIBA Official Basketball Rules were approved by the FIBA Central Board at its meeting on 17th April 2010 and are available here.

Q: I would like information on joining a team or trying out. Who should I contact?

As a general rule, FIBA has no organisational links with players, player agents or clubs and is therefore unable to be of direct assistance. However, you may find it useful to contact clubs and/or national federations directly. Information on other teams associated with FIBA can be found on

If you already are a licensed player in a club team and a club in another country makes you an offer, you will need a letter of clearance. The national federation of the country in which you last played should approach the national federation of the country in which you wish to play. The national federation of your "new" country may not grant a license until it has obtained the letter of clearance from the national federation of your "old" country.

Q: Where can I find information on summer camps?

Camps for players, as opposed to clinics for coaches, are usually organised by national federations, clubs or private organisations. FIBA is not informed about these activities generally, and, as a result, cannot always provide further details. You should contact the national federations and clubs directly

Q: I would like information on coaching instruction manuals and practice drills. Where can I find further details?

FIBA publishes the FIBA Assist Magazine which amongst other things offers coaching instruction and practise drills. Download FIBA Assist Magazine or visit our coach corner

Q: How do I contact a national federation?

An address list (including telephone and fax numbers) of all the national federations affiliated to FIBA is available here. E-mail and web site addresses are added to this list as they become available.

Q: What is the FIBA Media Guide? How do I obtain a copy?

The FIBA Media Guide is the most important reference book for basketball providing about 10,000 contacts around the world. The main contacts are clubs from the various national leagues and the media contacts around the globe. The FIBA Media Guide is no longer available in print but can be accessed through the media database and can download a full pdf version here.

Q: Does FIBA publish a magazine?

FIBA does publish a magazine, FIBA Assist Magazine, which offers information on the technical, coaching, marketing, event management side of basketball. The FIBA Assist Magazine is a bi-monthly publication featured on our website. Currently there is no print subscription. Download FIBA publications

Q: Where can I purchase tickets for upcoming events?

Generally, tickets can be purchased through the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of each respective FIBA event. Check out the relevant event website for details. View FIBA events.

Q: I am interested in coaching opportunities within FIBA. Where can I obtain further information?

Please contact your national federation.

Q: How do I become an international referee?

To become an international referee, you must follow the procedure laid down in the Internal Regulations of FIBA: Chapter 7: Regulations governing International Referees, article 7.1, "Qualification and Appointment". Then please contact your national federation which has the information about the next Clinic for International Referee Candidates.

Q: Where can I buy the FIBA referee's uniform?

Only active FIBA International referees may wear FIBA referee uniforms. European active FIBA referees are supplied with uniforms via their national federation. FIBA referees from other zones shall contact their national federations. It is not possible for referees to purchase referee uniforms directly from FIBA or Champion.

Q: How often are the Official Basketball Rules amended?

The Central Board of FIBA, which meets twice a year, has the authority to change the rules upon proposal from the FIBA Technical Commission. Download Official Rules and Official Regulations

Q: Is the "Official Basketball Rules and Referees' manual" available in different languages?

It is published in English and French by FIBA (FIBA Publications: Official Basketball Rules). If you would like to order a publication, you will need to register first and then fill out the order form.

Q: Where can I get a FIBA Casebook?

There is no FIBA Casebook. FIBA does not publish casebooks.

Q: What FIBA Video film for Referees have been produced and how do I get them?

All national federations have received a copy – these videos are free to copy, except the video "Rule Changes 1998-2002". For further copies please contact your national federation.
The format available is VHS with PAL, SECAMor NTSC color system. The languages available are English and French.

Q: What about wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball was invented in 1946 by former American "running basketball players", who, after wartime injury, wanted to once again experience the exhilaration of a highly athletic sport within a team environment. The sole world governing body for international wheelchair basketball is a member of FIBA, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF). You can find out more about IWBF by visiting

Q: We would like to build a new sports hall. What must we take into consideration in order to comply with the FIBA Regulations for Main Official Competitions?

The FIBA Study Center has published two books that give advice on FIBA requirements for basketball facilities. These are the "Guide to Basketball Facilities" and the "Guide to Small Basketball facilities". Please check the section FIBA Publications on our Web site or contact FIBA Study Center: FIBA Study Center Ms. Karen Strahl Avenue Louis Casaï, 53 CH-1216 Cointrin/Geneva Switzerland l Tel: +41 (22) 545 00 00 l Fax: +41 (22) 545 00 99 l E-mail:

Q: What is the official email address of FIBA?

The official email account of FIBA is

Q: I am a journalist and I need information on an event and media accreditation. Where can I get this?

For journalists, press officers and media accreditations, please visit our media center on Before or during an event, please contact the Local Organising Committee (LOC).

Q: I am a scout and I would like to contact potential players or contact teams worldwide. Can FIBA help me?

As a general rule, FIBA has no organisational links with players, player agents or clubs and is therefore unable to be of direct assistance. If you are an agent and are trying to contact a player on a national team and /or club please contact the national federation directly.

Q: Does FIBA have a world ranking? Or the precise number of licensed players worldwide and/or divided into countries?

A world ranking is displayed on and will be updated regularly. It is not a basis for any decision for seedings or wild cards at FIBA events. View the FIBA World Ranking.

Q: I need to know about television rights or television broadcasting for an event. Where can I get this information?

FIBAtv is responsible for the distribution of rights to various competitions. These events include the FIBA World and Continental Championships for Men and Women as well as the younger age group competitions. Contact FIBAtv or view our TV section.

Q: How can I subscribe to the FIBA Assist Magazine?

Currently a print subscription of the FIBA Assist Magazine is not available. The magazine is only available to download from this website. Download Assist magazine.

Q: I have to write a report, thesis paper etc and I need to know the history of FIBA. Where can I get this information?

This information can be found here.

Q: Is the NBA related to FIBA?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a basketball league in the United States of America. It is subjected to the jurisdiction of USA Basketball, which is a member federation of FIBA.

Q: How does a country qualify for the FIBA World Championships?

The continental championships of each FIBA zone are the World Championship qualifiers. Each zone has a number of berths. Details can be found in the FIBA Internal Regulations.

Q: How does a country qualify for the Olympics?

The continental championships of each FIBA zone are the Olympic qualifiers. Each zone has a number of Olympic berths. Details can be found in the FIBA Internal Regulations.

Q: I need the FIBA logo or event artwork. Where can I download them?

The FIBA logo and brand guidelines are available here. To access the FIBA identity website, a username and password are necessary. Included on this website are the detailed instructions and usage of the logo.

Username: fiba\wearebasketball
Password: ?2dtknms

For download of logos, please click on “Download”, then on “Press and Partners” then a pop up window will come for entry of the username and password.

Q: Where is FIBA ranked among the other sports federations in terms of the number of member federations?

In terms of the number of federations, FIBA is ranked 2nd with 213 behind the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) with 218. The IAAF is ranked 3rd with 210.

Q: How can I learn more about FIBA and its member federations and could I obtain souvenirs from FIBA?

We strongly appreciate your enthusiasm and support for our sport of basketball. If you wish to find out more about basketball worldwide, check out our website or go to where you can find basketball gear and fun gadgets.

Also on, you can find daily news, results, event calendar, rules and regulations as well as the contact details from all our national federations and clubs under the section "Media Guide".

Keep up your enthusiasm and help us promote the great sport of Basketball around the world!