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Paulo Alexandre Madeira (Angola)
ANG - Angola seek growth in inland country

LUANDA - Paulo Alexandre Madeira is the new chairman of the Angolan Basketball Federation (FAB) after winning 20 of the 40 votes in the 8 December elections.

Madeira replaces former Angola international Gustavo Conceição - who was in post for the past eight years - and will lead FAB over the next four years.

During Conceição's term, Angola won two Afrobaskets (2007 and 2009), but lost last year. He also helped the country's women's team win their first-ever African title.

The newly-elected FAB President is a 43-year-old lawyer who was a member of the previous two chairmanships.

Madeira played internationally for Angola's youth teams but did not make it on the men's team, although he was cut from the preliminary squad in 1992.

He helped Angola win their last U18 Afrobasket title in 1988 in Mozambique, playing alongside former internationals David Dias and Paulo Macedo, the current head coach of Primeiro D'Agosto.

Madeira has revealed FAB's goals for the next four years.

“We are aiming to restructure all basketball programmes in the country, including providing training to head coaches, and implementing a winning mindset,” he told to

Despite the criticism of the previous mandate - especially after Angola failed to win 2011 Afrobasket - Madeira says it is time to prioritise their players.

“We want to introduce a new social security policy for players,” he explained.

Asked about the state of present day Angolan basketball, Madeira was realistic and said that they are "experiencing a problematic moment, especially because we register a decrease in formation of young players and we lost the 2011 Afrobasket.

"We need to work hard in our youth programmes in order to strengthen our senior teams.

"In the next few years, we're aiming for our youth teams to win at least one U18 Afrobasket.

"We needed to lose last year to realise that something was wrong," he said.

Angola won 10 African titles in the past two decades, but now have to contend with the emergence of new opponents - especially Nigeria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

“We just don't want to win only in Africa, we want to be able to do more at the Olympics and World Championships.”

Inland choice

Angola is one the largest countries in Africa, but their basketball is mainly focused in the capital Luanda.

There are 18 provinces in the country, but very few compete at senior level.

Madeira, a native of Huambo province, says it is time for a change, especially after he won this FAB election thanks to a large support from the provinces.

He was largely defeated in capital Luanda vote.

"This means that we have to get the provinces officials more involved in our decision making," he said.

"There is a lot of potential in the inland Angola, and we have to capitalise from it.

"We need to revert this Luanda´s basketball dependency."

While Madeira won the poll, António Henriques da Silva got 16 votes and Conceição Sampaio, the only woman to run for the post, gained four votes.

The election should have taken place earlier in the year, but was delayed due to the Olympic Games schedule.


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