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Jose Luis Saez, President of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB)
ESP - Saez reflects on eight-year tenure and looks to future

MADRID - There have been very few bumps in what has proven a wonderful road to success so far for Spanish Basketball Federation President Jose Luis Saez.

He has recently been taking some time out to evaluate a very satisfying first eight years at the helm, and to also map out what he hopes will prove an equally exciting and fruitful future for Spanish Basketball.

Hosting the first FIBA Basketball World Cup is one reason to look forward with real appetite, and it’s an event which he believes can have a wider impact for Spain, including helping the nation in a small way to recover from a deep financial crisis.

“Looking towards the horizon, an emblematic date is nearing, which we hope will become a landmark in the history of Spanish basketball - the year 2014,” said Mr Saez.

“Each day we are a little closer to this date.

“It’s not only a competition, but also a great opportunity for our sport to add our little grain of sand to rejuvenating the country’s economy.”

One of the most powerful thrusts during the tenure of Mr Saez which has seen an array of medal success at all levels, has been his ability to make the most effective use of the Federations’ resources to ensure delivery against objectives - something he was quick to highlight.

He said: “Over more than a decade ago, we initiated a transition with lots of excitement and very clear ideas.

“We began by establishing the foundations for organised growth, proposing a new model for work, unity and, most importantly, management.

“The time had come to replace the model of subventions and sponsorship with a business management model. This is how we have been able to grow and, above all, believe in our growth.

“One of our secrets is interpreting the concept of innovation by finding new and improved uses for the resources already available to us” continued Mr Saez.

“This is the key to our proposed sports program for 2013 - new projects with the same objectives.

“Two exciting Eurobaskets - the men’s in Slovenia, and the women’s in France, will spearhead our national teams.

“But, we are also paying special attention and dedicating resources to our competitions in order to stabilize and strengthen them during this new Olympic cycle, with a strategic plan for promotion and communications.”

Additionally, it isn’t only the World Cup and more medal success at EuroBasket which is on the radar during coming years, but also the ensuring Spanish basketball embraces the proliferation of the 3x3 game.

“We also need new and innovative formulas to grow, such as 3x3 basketball, which has been welcomed with excitement around the world, and which we are promoting as much as possible” added Mr Saez.

“Through this type of basketball, we hope to reach social segments in which we are currently not involved or are involved to a lesser degree than we would like - schools, universities and companies.”

“3x3 is an extraordinary element for connectivity.”

Of course there’s little time for Mr Saez to rest on his laurels with key work being carried out all of the time, including the recent appointment of Juan Antonio Orenga as coach of the senior men’s team.


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