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Key resources and documents

This page provides you with a list of key resources and documents of use to media professionals.

FIBA identity: is an online library of logos, graphic and print material. If you are searching for use this type of material, simply browse through the different sections of the FIBA identity site and identify what you are looking for. Downlaods are access restricted. Passwords can be obtained by sending a request to

The 'Rules, regulations, other docs' section: provides all of the key official FIBA documents such as the Statutes, the Internal Regulations, the Official Basketball Rules as well as many other key documents.

The Basketball Artitral Tribunal (BAT): resolves, upon request, disputes arising between players, agents and clubs. BAT decisions - or awards as they are known - are published on Decisions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS) related to FIBA are also published in's legal corner.

Anti-Doping and Clean Game:
protecting the integrity of basketball by ensuring that the game stays clean is vitally important to FIBA. Information about FIBA's fight against doping - the Clean Game campaign - and further resources on Anti-Doping are available in the medical corner of Decisions related to doping cases can be viewed here.

FIBA Twitter page: Although primarily designed for fans and the general public, page also publishes results as well as other information of interest to the media.

FIBA's Flickr  page: - gives you access to a number of photos from FIBA Championships as well as pictures of FIBA Officials and various other relevant image ressources. Please credit all photographs

LiveBasketball.TV: is an online video platform that includes a number of free video on demand services, such as the play search that allows you to search by player, event and play type.

FIBA on Youtube: regularly updated with videos that include interviews, features as well as on-court action. Bloggers can use the embed option to place the material on their pages.