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FIBA Assist Magazine

FIBA launched the FIBA Assist Magazine in 2003. Over the next seven years, a total of 45 issues were published and very well received by the basketball world.

The magazine was created to assist the further development of basketball, with an emphasis on the teaching of the game, together with a study of all the other components that reflect the reality of the sport's environment.


The magazine's content:

  • Coaching – for all age levels and all competitive levels
  • Refereeing and administrating the basketball game – including scorers table officials and game commissioners
  • Psychology and Motivation
  • Medicine
  • Conditioning and Physiotherapy
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Event Management and analysis of past continental and world events
  • Presentation of Coaches Associations
  • Presentation of the FIBA Zones, National Federations and Leagues in various countries
  • Equipment and construction of facilities
  • Mini Basketball and School basketball
  • Exclusive interviews with players and coaches
  • Basketball news from around the world
  • "Off the court" - odd, fun and unusual basketball stories