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Other basketball types

Next to the official basketball world, various other types of basketball are practised around the world

Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair basketball was invented in 1946 by a former American. "running" basketball players, who, after wartime injury, wanted to again experience the exhilaration of a highly athletic sport within a team environment. It is now played in more than 80 countries by over 25,000 men, women and children with a physical disability which prevents them from playing competitive basketball on their feet. Beach Basketball ®
Beach Basketball®is an exciting, non-stop action game played in the sand. The game was born over three decades ago on the physical education fields of Gulf Shores School. This modified version of basketball, invented by Philip Bryant has grown from a tremendously effective skill improvement game, to a very popular, widespread competitive sport. Street Ball (3-3 & 2-2)
Street ball is mainly played as a leisure game but street ball players can also compete against each other in outdoor tournaments. There are no specific streetball rules, the players define their way to play. Street ball is directly linked to urban culture which is very popular among younger players.

Deaf Basketball
Basketball for Deaf (completely or partially unable to hear in one or both ears) men and women has been playing since early 1920. The game today is played with exactly the same rules complying with FIBA. Format of tournaments may be adjusted due to lesser number of participating countries. Bankshot Basketball
Bankshot is the only sports system that allows able-bodied and athletes with a disability to play together at the same time. This game involves no running, dribbling, jumping, or body contact and relies on the shooting skill.