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National Federation manual

The National Federations Manual produced by FIBA, in collaboration with various basketball experts from around the world, is a complete and comprehensive collection of information to assist each National Federation in their everyday operations and for the overall future of basketball in each country.

Not only does the manual give concrete hints on the many areas a federation deals with on a daily basis, but it also serves as a user-friendly tool to help guide federations in how to take a giant step closer to achieving their goals.

It doesn't matter if a federation is just starting up or if it has been existing for 100 years - there is something in this manual for everyone. By making this guide a co-pilot and using it to meet the various needs of each organization, the federations can be assured that they are leading their sport in the right direction and that the questions and concerns they have for the future of basketball are addressed.

With the manual now in the hands of all the National Federations, FIBA wants to help facilitate the process of measuring progress, assisting the federations and providing guidance in whichever way they can.

Download section per section

1. structuring
From strategic planning to the financial management of a National Federation, this section provides each organization with a blueprint of all the necessary background information required to get started in the most efficient and effective way. Ensuring a solid foundation for a federation is a crucial aspect in managing the sport in every nation, from developing a Constitution to the building of new facilities. Also, as transparency and democracy are high priorities for FIBA and each of the federations, this section helps to answer various questions and will guide each organization in the right direction.

2. Building
After having set out solid foundations of a National Federation in section one, this section talks about growing the sport of basketball in each country from the grassroots level through to the elite. This section provides useful hints and recommendations from organizing and managing Mini Basketball, talent development and National Team Programs. Furthermore, this section provides information about adapting to the physical challenges of modern basketball and emphasizes the importance of having a medical program in each National Federation.

3. Playing
With the proper foundations laid out for a National Federation and with the growth of basketball being experienced throughout the world, now it is time to play! This section deals with the field of play and how to improve, build on and make the most out of what basketball is all about - the pleasure of playing. This third section of the manual includes hints about where federations should focus their efforts in the different areas of competitions. It also includes information about referee infrastructure, game preparation scouting, the educational and role model aspects of coaching, and much more.

4. Promoting
The underlying driver to what keeps basketball alive is the fact that people want to keep on playing. However, to achieve this, it requires some knowledge about how to market the sport in the right way. This is what this chapter talks about - how to grow revenues to keep the ball rolling. More specifically, this section entails relevant and useful information about branding the sport, media relations and communications, selling to sponsors, television, event management, event marketing, and betting – all of which, if managed effectively, are key factors in successful promotion of a sport.