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  FIBA TV department


FIBA TV department
Route Suisse 5
1295 Mies - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)22 545 00 00
Fax: +41 (0)22 545 00 99



Rights Distribution
FIBA TV is responsible for the distribution of all Television and New Media rights related to the FIBA World and Continental Championships as well as the ever-increasing FIBA Archive of past events. Such areas include the formation of the rights packages, negotiation, drafting and signing of all agreements together with the full post-signature servicing aspects.

Event Organisation
FIBA TV is responsible for the coordination of all of the Television and New Media production and delivery elements related to the FIBA World and FIBA Continental events.

The FIBA Television Manual that has been produced outlines all of the relevant aspects in detail to ensure the optimum television coverage of the competition.


FIBA Television Graphics
As part of the complete FIBA branding concept, a FIBA Graphics Manual has been produced which details all of the necessary templates for the competitions and ensures that all of the graphics are in line with the FIBA Corporate Identity as well as the relevant event look and feel. The FIBA Graphics Manual is given to each television Host Broadcaster for the competitions.

• FIBA TV Graphics 2nd Gen – 3D engine
• FIBA TV Graphics 2nd Gen - No 3D engine

Internet Broadband Offering – LiveBasketball.TV
LiveBasketball.TV is the online platform that makes available the best of live international basketball whether at the national team or club level to basketball fans throughout the world plus clips and archive services to those that wish to relive the great moments. The viewing is accessible through the FIBA/FIBA Zone and/or Event websites. Check out

FIBA World Basketball – Weekly Television Programme
FIBA World Basketball is a 23-minute weekly television programme which features basketball action from all around the world. The show includes action from men, women and junior players competing in the various FIBA World and FIBA Continental Championships to regional and National League competitions as well as historical footage from the FIBA Archive.

The programme is produced on behalf of FIBA by DSI by Inverleigh and is currently distributed in over 70 countries around the world.
For those international basketball fans that can’t currently see FIBA World Basketball on TV, check out FIBA World Basketball on