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Beyond elite competition, 3x3 basketball is all about playing. It is for everyone and can be played anywhere and everywhere. While FIBA is organising, endorsing, helping to host games and events worldwide, you don't need to be a star and you don't need world class facilities in order to enjoy basketball.

Playing the game has never been easier, as FIBA has created, where players from all corners of the world, of any age and standard search for team-mates and opponents, organise games, find and subscribe to 3x3 events.

Results are recorded and integrated into a worldwide ranking system, which includes every registered player on the planet. Unlike most traditional team-sports, players are not restricted to just one tournament or even just one team. They can play at different events, in different regions and countries, with different teammates.

Points accumulated by each player from their games and tournaments count towards the indicator of their 3x3 basketball level: the Ranking.

The Ranking is essentially the sum of the points collected over the past 12 months, where the number of points collectable at a given event will depend on the level of the event, the team's final standings and the player's individual performance (points actually scored at the event in case the full scouting app is used).

The level of the event is set within a system of colours for all 3x3 events that indicates the size, quality and importance of an event in the international context of competitions. The colour of a tournament acts as a coefficient when calculating the points collected from a tournament (i.e. winning a higher level red tournament brings more points than winning a blue tournament).

Gain access to a whole new world of basketball by subscribing to

So start playing, register for 3x3 events, record your games and improve your ranking.

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