2012 South American League for Men's Club
9 Oct. to 6 Dec. 2012 - Ibarra, Brasilia, Mar del Plata y La Guaira
Participating Teams
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Amistad Amistad Group B
Centauros Centauros Group A
Deportes Castro Deportes Castro Group C
El Bosque El Bosque Group D
Flamengo Flamengo Group C
Hebraica Macabi Hebraica Macabi Group C
Libertad Sunchales Libertad Sunchales Group D
Malvin Malvin Group B
Mavort Mavort Group A
Obras Sanitarias Obras Sanitarias Group A
Penarol Penarol Group C
Pinheiros Pinheiros Group A
Regatas Corrientes Regatas Corrientes Group B
Sao Jose Dos Campos Sao Jose Dos Campos Group D
Tiburones de Vargas Tiburones de Vargas Group D
Uniceub BRB Uniceub BRB Group B