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Ejected Navarro gives his side of the story

RIO DE JANEIRO (Rio 2016 Olympic Games) - Juan Carlos Navarro made history on Monday when he set a new record for Olympic appearances by a Spanish basketball player.

He also got ejected.

Navarro, in the blink of an eye, was sent to an early shower after being hit with not one, but two technicals in less than a minute of Spain's 92-73 triumph over Argentina.

Spain were on top 63-46 when Navarro got slapped with the first technical and seven seconds after Nicolas Laprovittola had made the technical free-throw, he got hit with another.

"I've never been thrown out in 30 seconds before," Navarro said. "I've been ejected once or twice before but at first I really didn't say anything and he called a technical that I think was more of a make-up call for having done the same thing to them earlier."

Andres Nocioni of Argentina had been hit with a technical just four minutes into the second half.

"And then," Navarro said, "I was warned for flopping in the first quarter and I'd tried to go through a pick against a guy that is 50 kilos heavier than me and I fell. It was very weird.

"I did not say a thing, wanted to explain to him what happened. But it's okay, things happen."

Pau Gasol was asked if he'd ever seen Navarro get ejected and the EuroBasket 2015 MVP answered: "No, never have. I think those technical fouls are a little questionable, pretty quick, one right after the other, but the referees thought that was the thing to do.

"There is not much you can do on what they call, what they don't call.

"It was an emotional game. Fans, you guys have seen, are pretty loud and also the referees get carried away a little bit. It's part of the game."

On a happier note for Navarro, who played 12:24 and had 6 points, Spain not only won but by featuring against Argentina, he played in his 31st Olympic game for Spain.

The previous record of Olympic appearances had been held by this year's FIBA Hall of Fame inductee, Juan Antonio San Epifanio.