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Leadership Workshop Singapore
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Youth Leadership Seminar launching second IBF Youth Leaders Basketball Cup

SINGAPORE - FIBA's Foundation, the International Basketball Foundation (IBF), will hold its second IBF Youth Leadership Seminar in Singapore from May 24 to 26 to launch the second edition of the IBF Youth Leaders Basketball Cup.

For this first step of the project, 17 Youths from the South East Asian and the Pacific region will gather to undergo an intensive leadership training, with the goal of delivering a FIBA-sanctioned U18 Mixed 3x3 Qualifying tournament in their respective countries.

The newly trained coordinators will then return to their respective countries and work with their National Federation to deliver a FIBA registered U18 3x3 mixed event as a qualifier for the Youth Leaders Basketball Cup. This event will feature mixed teams of 2 boys and 2 girls.

The tournaments will be the official qualifiers for the Youth Leaders Basketball Cup which will take place on September 27-28, 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.  The winning teams will be invited to represent their country in the final tournament and attend a Youth Leadership Workshop.

During the upcoming seminar, the 12 young women and 5 young men will get hands-on training as they will work together to deliver a local 3x3 event.  The significant ratio of women youth leaders is an astounding number which proves the inclusiveness of basketball in their respective communities.

They will also follow a Youth Leadership Seminar where they will be taught the importance of using Basketball For Good and how they can use their 3x3 event to tackle an issue that their community is facing.

The seminar will be supervised by Mthoko Madonda, former captain of the South African national basketball team. He successfully led Leadership workshops in the IBF 3x3 Young Lions Cup in Southern and Western Africa as in the IBF 3x3 Hoops Final in the Antilles last year. Madonda will also be supported by two Youth leaders from last year, Ng Wee Kiong and Chin Wan Qing,  to facilitate this year's seminar.

"We are excited to meet and get to know the new group of 17 leaders from SE Asia and the Pacific Islands and sharing our knowledge of how basketball can create change in communities. This is a unique program that develops resilient leaders who have skills to run community 3x3 basketball tournaments and use basketball as a force for good," Madonda shared.

Participating countries and their selected representatives for the Youth Leadership Seminar are:

  • INDONESIA - Regita Pramesti
  • SINGAPORE - Amanda Lim
  • BRUNEI - Ashley Qinq Qing Khoo
  • MALAYSIA - Koon Wei Chong
  • CAMBODIA - Vatey Chansovatey
  • MYANMAR - July Moe
  • THAILAND - Noppawat Auesatjapon
  • VIETNAM - Linh Le
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Gabrielle Bray
  • PHILIPPINES - Aaron Canete
  • GUAM - Andrew Carlos
  • LAOS - Inthilar Oupalavong
  • TIMOR LESTE - Gilberto Pinto
  • FIJI - Vika Ramara
  • PALAU - Mahealani Adelbai
  • NEW CALEDONIA - Naike Durand
  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Maddie Allen