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Vanuatu Basketball Federation 2018 Year In Review

VANUATU (FIBA Oceania) – Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) had a big year in 2018 in terms of growing the sport of basketball especially in their 3x3 and grassroots programs.

VBF National Development Officer Sacha Duthu reviewed the island nation's performance in the last 12 months with FIBA and what's in store for 2019.

Summary of 3x3 Activities

• VBF ran a 3x3 players’ tour this year in Port-Vila, featuring 10 dates (Total of 168 games). 93 players took part in it. It was supported by FIBA Oceania.
• 3x3 was also played in Santo (5 tournaments) and has been introduced in Tanna Island.

Summary of 5x5 Activities

• VBF ran a 5x5 championship on Efate island. 9 males teams (124 players) and 6 females teams (75 players) participated in it.
• Male's championship: Round robin + Play-off (Quarter/Semi and Finals, best of 3 for each)
• Female’s championship: round robin 2 rounds + Playoff (Semi & Final, best of 3 for each)
• Au Bon Marché male’s team and Sia Raga female’s team claimed the championship title.

Summary of VBF Activities

• Pikinini Hoops. 40 kids participated every Saturday mornings from June to our weekly Saturday mini-basketball weekly program. Aged from 7yo till 13yo
• VBF School Academy. 69 participated in our weekly school program. Aged from 13yo till 18yo.
• National Team. 3x3 Men’s and Women’s Teams participated in the first 3x3 Open Asia Cup in China in May. Was an exciting experience after the successful 2017 Pacific Mini Games

Overview of 2019’s programs

• 3x3 Team Tour. The 2019’s season will start with the 3x3 season. A 3x3 Team Tour will be held in Port-Vila, featuring 10 dates (9 stops and 1 final).
• 5x5 championship. After the Pacific Games, the 5x5 championship will start with the return of the 5x5 Efate Championship.
• Pikinini Hoops. Same program, starting in February when school starts.
• VBF School Academy. Same program, starting in February when school starts.
• National Team. Participation to 3x » Open Asia Cup and 3x3 Pacific Games competition

Vanuatu Basketball Federations programs are helping the country’s resurgence in the world of competitive basketball while providing a healthy avenue for their youth players and various communities for the game. The future of the sport in Vanuatu is looking bright and FIBA will be there to lend a helping hand in their basketball journey.