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Anna Leshkovtseva (Russia)

Top 10 Women who ruled 3x3 in 2017

MIES (3x3) - 2017 was a special year for 3x3, with the game making it to the Olympics. Three years before Tokyo 2020, these 10 girls were the talk of the street this season. Check back on FIBA.basketball tomorrow for the Top 10 Teams of the year and learn more about the Top 10 men who ruled 3x3 in 2017.

Isabelle Bourne (Australia)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: Asia Cup
Personal Accolades: Asia Cup MVP
Age: 17
World Rank: 211

While girls her age were competing in the U18 categories, the Canberra native schooled grown-ups at the Asia Cup. For her first experience playing 3x3, the super skilled 6ft 2in (1.88m) Australian struck gold and was named MVP of the tournament. Given that she's only 17, get ready for years and years of Bourne supremacy.

Aquira DeCosta (USA)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: U18 World Cup
Personal Accolades: U18 World Cup MVP
Age: 17
World Rank: 245

The 6ft 3in (1.91m) DeCosta was the symbol this year of a new generation of unicorns, who do not let their size dictate their game. At this height you'd expect the Californian to go to work in the post? Instead she was embarrassing girls at the U18 World Cup in China with hesitation moves and shammgods. Shout out to her teammate Janelle Bailey, who actually led the team in scoring during the U18 World Cup title run and was named USA Basketball's female athlete of the year!

Lea Kahol (Indonesia)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: U18 Asia Cup
Personal Accolades: U18 Asia Cup MVP
Age: 18
World Rank: 154

Yes another teenager, one that brought Indonesia their first-ever title in a continental basketball tournament. The Western New Guinea native was a woman among girls at the U18 Asia Cup and was a symbol of diversity for an entire country in 2017.

Karin Kuijt (Netherlands)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: Bronze Medal at Europe Cup
Personal Accolades: World Cup and Europe Cup Team of the Tournament
Age: 27
World Rank: 112

We knew her sisters Fleur (2014 Youth Olympics silver medalist) and Sonja (World Cup 2016 quarter-finalist). 2017 is the year we learned about the most talented of them all, Karin Kuijt. She scored one of the best game-winners of the season against Australia at the World Cup and was key in the Netherlands' semi-final run. She switched to 6th gear at the Europe Cup in her home country and was once again clutch in the medal bronze game. She is the only player who featured in the Team of the Tournament in both the World Cup and the Europe Cup, men and women combined.

Anna Leshkovtseva (Russia)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: World Cup and Europe Cup
Personal Accolades: World Cup MVP
Age: 30
World Rank: 10

The versatile Leshkovtseva finally avenged the World Cup 2014, when she had to settle for silver at home, in front of her Russian fans. She not only led Russia to gold at the World Cup but also bagged another European crown (her second). And she did it in style, breaking ankles and blocking shots like a young Andrei Kirilenko.

Anastasia Logunova (Russia)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: World Cup and Europe Cup
Personal Accolades: Europe Cup MVP
Age: 27
World Rank: 8

The towering Logunova (6ft 4in, 1.92m) was the other big reason why Russia completed this impressive double this summer. With dribbling skills that a woman her size should not dream of, she was simply unguardable in Amsterdam and was a no-brainer for MVP of the Europe Cup.

Jamila Nansikombi (Uganda)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: Bronze Medal at Africa Cup
Personal Accolades: Africa Cup Team of the Tournament
Age: 20
World Rank: 36

The Ugandan sharpshooter caught fire at the Africa Cup. She spearheaded her team to the bronze medal and led all scorers. She also caught our eye at the U23 Nations League and earned enough ranking points to not only crack the World's Top 50 but also finish the season as the number one ranked player in Africa.

Paula Palomares (Spain)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: Silver Medal at Europe Cup
Personal Accolades: Europe Cup Team of the Tournament
Age: 33
World Rank: 46

The pocket-sized Palomares didn't play much this year but she made her presence known at the Europe Cup. She hit shots from the 3x3 logo and broke a few ankles on her way to an unexpected silver medal at the Europe Cup in Amsterdam.

Alexandra Theodorean (Hungary)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: Silver Medal at World Cup
Personal Accolades: -
Age: 26
World Rank: 1

The 2016 European champion had another pretty good year in 2017: she buried one of the biggest shots of the year, led Hungary to the World Cup final and ended the year as the number 1 player in the world. 

Orsolya Toth (Hungary)
Trophy Cabinet in 2017: U18 Europe Cup
Personal Accolades: U18 Europe Cup MVP
Age: 17
World Rank: 34

At just 17, Toth multiplied her number of Instagram followers by 30 after her U18 Europe Cup MVP mixtape got absolutely viral. Her smooth jumper and lethal crossover should make her an attraction on the 3x3 scene for years to come.