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TIME-OUT 2.0 project to help players transition from sport into work set to launch in 2020

MUNICH (Germany) - The hugely successful TIME-OUT project that helped basketball players transition from sport into new careers was a big hit and it is to be relaunched by FIBA Europe with financial support from the EU's Erasmus+ Sport program. 

Aided by numerous partners, including UEFA, TIME-OUT 2.0 will get underway on January 1, 2020, and run for 30 months until June 30, 2022. UEFA's involvement in this dual career project is notable as it marks the first time it has teamed up with a non-football organization.

FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel said: "TIME-OUT was a vital program for FIBA and TIME-OUT 2.0 will be, too. It's one of our roles to help athletes develop as people and professionals once their playing careers come to end. We are very excited about what lies ahead."

The original TIME-OUT project, launched as a one-off program at FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2017, had 75 students undertake the FIBA Manager Qualification course over a 14-month period. Additionally, 50 of those  students graduated at different levels from a Newcastle Business School course in Leadership and Management from Northumbria University (UK).

FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel believes the TIME-OUT project has a vital role to play

TIME-OUT 2.0, which is co-funded by Erasmus+ Sport, aims to promote education in and through sport with a special focus on skills development. The program supports the implementation of the European Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

Players eager to take a next step in their careers now have a better chance of doing so as they enroll in the TIME-OUT 2.0 program.

A former player himself, FIBA Executive Director Europe Kamil Novak sees a lot of value in the project. He said: "I know what it's like to go from playing as a professional to entering a new phase. It's important for the players to know there is life after basketball and part of the onus is on us at FIBA to offer solutions."

TIME-OUT 2.0 will capitalize on the experience of graduates from the original program by using them in the planning and delivery stages.

A total of 40 basketball players will take a specially designed FIBA Manager course, delivered by experts from the Business School of Northumbria University and FIBA. The curriculum will combine the newest FIBA-led training, a Leadership and Management course, and offer opportunities for internships, and a career advisory service with various partner organizations that include the national federations of the Czech Republic (CBF), Italy (FIP), France (FFBB), the Netherlands (NBB) and Hungary (MKOSZ).

The first edition of the TIME-OUT project produced 75 graduates

Other academic partner organizations in the United Kingdom are Geoff Wilson Consultancy in Northern Ireland, and Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), as well as the German Sports University in Cologne.

In Switzerland, the International Basketball Foundation (IBF) is a social partner while FIBA and UEFA are supporting partners.

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis said: "TIME-OUT was a big success and something that everyone was keen to have again. It's a positive for the players as they transition into a different stage in their lives. We at FIBA believe it's a platform for each of those who participate to build on."

Potential TIME-OUT 2.0 program candidates must be nominated by their national federations and apply by December 31, 2019. Following individual interviews and assessment of their current qualifications and future ambitions, the 40 players will be announced in March 2020.

The official launch of the TIME-OUT 2.0 project and the first workshop of the new class is planned for June 2020.


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