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Thailand basketball continues to grow after hosting multiple major FIBA events says BSAT president

BANGKOK (Thailand) - Over the recent years, Thailand has been a prime location for basketball events. This year alone, the country has hosted two major events at both the regional and global level: FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup and FIBA Asia Champions Cup.

The Basketball Sport Association of Thailand (BSAT) has been pushing their efforts to host these events - and host them successfully - with the vision that it will play a major role in basketball development in the country.

“[Hosting these events] has improved us in terms of the interest in the sport, inspiring new fans or even new players by having these games played in Thailand,” said BSAT president Nipondh Chavalitmontien. “A lot of the younger generation are already choosing basketball as their favored sport and training to get better and better.”

Everyone involved in the Thailand basketball circle got a chance to be exposed to the global standard of the game, not only for those on the court but for those organizing the games as well. It is from these experience that the people involved can build a stronger foundation to develop on.

“The players get to play in the Asian level or even the World level and that’s a chance that isn’t easy to come by,” admitted Chavalimontien.

At the U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup held earlier this year from 20-28 July, Thailand got to go up against some of the best teams in the world including Canada.

“We were also able to improve the personnel at all levels from the game officials, technical table operators, statistics operators, and coaches where everyone was properly licensed,” he added.

The passionate Chavalitmontein has high expectations on how big basketball can become in Thailand. It all starts with showing how dedicated and hardworking BSAT are the people of Thailand are to making this a proper place for the sport to grow.

“[After having hosted these events,] BSAT has gained respect as hosts,” Chavalitmontein proudly said. “We’ve learned about hosting these events at both the Asian and Global level by following the intense standards set and received compliments both as great organizers and hosts. The Sports Authority of Thailand [SAT] is also accepted by FIBA and the Asia regional office as supporters.”

“From our experiences in following the standards of organizing the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup, Thailand has received admiration from all the participation nations. There was even mention of FIBA looking forward to a future opportunity that Thailand will host another World event.”

These successfully held events was only possible by the strong partnerships that BSAT has to make it all happen.

“The FIBA Regional Office - Asia trusts Thailand to host these events where BSAT has received plenty of support from The City of Bangkok for venue availability and staff as well as Mono Sports & Entertainment for their support in broadcasting, venue availability, and staff,” said Chavalitmontien.

The open-minded president sees a long list of future benefits from hosting these events and there’s no doubt he’s not looking to stop these efforts to host games any time soon.

“The players have improved so far by getting to play, practice with, or even just watching these games closely in live action,” he concluded. “Thailand gets more exposure with the global live feeds of the events. Indirectly, it also promotes tourism in the country along with the Thai culture and way of living.”

“The sports industry in Thailand grows. The economy of Thailand grows whether it’s the accommodation, food, and transportation provided which pushes the staff involved forward with the opportunity to be involved - all through basketball.”