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FIBA Workshop charts new course for Statistician Instructors in Asia ahead of New Competition System

Participants of the FIBA Statistician Instructors Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon
Participants of the FIBA Statistician Instructors Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon

BEIRUT - Statistician Instructors from 14 different National Federations in Asia enjoyed a successful workshop earlier this week as they left the event in Beirut equipped to usher in a new chapter for the sport.

The two-day event was focused on ensuring FIBA Statistician Instructors can help statisticians operating in their own Federations for the upcoming changes to the international calendar. Not least because all national team games require FIBA licensed statisticians.

Hagop Khajirian, FIBA Executive Director - Asia, was delighted with the quality and impact of the workshop and stressed its importance and value for what awaits in the pipeline later this year.

He said: "This workshop for Statistician Instructors is another step by FIBA in moving towards giving the new competition system a uniform face across the globe.

"It's also our aim to bring about a system and method of scouting and presenting the statistics in the same way in all countries.

"The representatives who attended this workshop will take this forward in their respective National Federations and spread the message down the line. I do believe this (licensing and uniform method of statisticians) is a key step forward in the overall impact of basketball itself.

"Statistics are the only aspect of our sport that connect fans across board – from the most analytical of experts who will want to dissect the game threadbare; to the common fan who merely rides on his passion - even if they don't follow the intricacies," concluded Khajirian.

The workshop entailed discussions in respect of situational interpretations and how these will be applied globally, in order to create consistency throughout all FIBA national team competitions.

FIBA's New Competition System not only creates a greater number of national team games, but it also means a major boost in the sports exposure around the world.

The Statistician Instructor workshop was just one of many initiatives FIBA is undertaking across the globe, to fully prepare those involved right across the sport for the important inception of the new competition system later this year.