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Over 150 National Federations take part in FIBA's webinars

MIES (Switzerland) - As the sports world continues to adapt in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, FIBA has been publishing a series of webinars for National Federations, players, coaches, game officials and other actors of the game to support them in their development and learning activities.

Over the past two months, more than 250 webinars have been prepared and delivered by FIBA Headquarters and the FIBA Regional Offices in English, Spanish and French languages. So far, participants from more than 150 National Federations and a global cumulative audience of approximately 85 000 have viewed at least one FIBA Webinar online.

Addressing one of FIBA’s strategic objectives, to Empower National Federations, which was adopted by the FIBA Congress in August 2019, these resources have been designed to address the needs of FIBA National Member Federations, FIBA-licensed persons as well as to the broader basketball community.

Currently, many webinars are being offered daily, covering a variety of topics with the FIBA webinars divided across seven categories that include Game Management, Event Management, 3x3, Grassroots, Teams, Communication, Marketing and Esports. These webinars, which will continue over the next coming months, have been providing up to date and relevant information on current topics and have been presented by various internal and external experts from across FIBA and have proven to be very popular among the global basketball community.

FIBA webinars are added weekly to the schedule, which is displayed at www.fiba.basketball/webinars and a number of webinars already delivered have been recorded and are still accessible via the website as well.

The World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC) has also been offering a selection of videos each week from its extensive collection of teaching basketball principles, concepts and fundamentals, providing opportunities to learn from some of the best coaches around the world. The current schedule can be viewed here