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Newest tranche of FIBA agents make the grade in Mies

MIES – There was excitement and a sense of accomplishment for the newest selection of individuals who have all been certified as official FIBA Agents.

A number of people gained their all-important accreditation at the FIBA House of Basketball in Mies, including former player Salvador Guardia Ramos who played extensively in Spain.

"I was player in the ACB for 15 years and had a 20 year professional career," confirmed Guardia.

"I retired three years ago and I started to work with Bilbao Basket in their Foundation, but now I am looking to be an agent.

"I think my skills are better for being an agent, rather than coaching.

"I may not have a University education, but I know everything I need inside the sport of basketball.

"I think the most important thing will be to look at the right situation for the player and ensure it is the right place at the right time."

Enjoying his visit to the House of Basketball with the rest of those taking their Agent test, Guardia was quick to praise the surroundings.

He added, "It’s an unbelievable place to visit and to work, since it is also full of so many friendly people."

Meanwhile Tonci Skroce is now following in the footsteps of his father Branko by looking to break into basketball.

Skroce junior confirmed, "I was a professional soccer player and my dad was a high level basketball player back in the day, when he played with the Yugoslavia national team.

"My dad was huge player in Croatia and when I was a kid, he let me choose whatever I wanted and I chose soccer.

"However, when I look back at it, maybe basketball would have been a better decision.

“I played soccer for the U21 national team, but got hurt and I had to stop my career."

Skroce’s father won the title at the 1974 European Championship for Junior Men, the 1978 FIBA World Championship and became an Olympic champion at the 1980 Moscow Games with Yugoslavia.

Now his son is ready to consider the possibilities of working in basketball and is looking forward to potentially doing so.

He said, "Being an agent is something I can do in my future career and it is a great experience to see the House of Basketball.

"I studied in Chicago and have connections, so I think I can do some good business and especially with my dad’s contacts back home.

"There are so many players in the NCAA at different levels who don’t even know they can still play in Europe if they don’t make it to the NBA."