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Mexico, the last stop on FIBA Mini Basketball Convention's world tour

HERMOSILLO (Mexico) - The Americas is the last continent to host the FIBA Mini Basketball convention. Following Portugal, Australia, Morocco and Sri Lanka, Mexico is hosting the convention from today to Sunday (January 30-February 3).

1,200 children and 400 coaches from all over Mexico are gathering in Hermosillo for a celebration of basketball.

The 300 coaches, along with 25 international delegates, will share best practices as well as attend coaches’ clinics and workshops. They will learn the best ways to teach basketball to children in a fun and entertaining environment.

The international delegates were chosen by FIBA Americas and the International Basketball Foundation (IBF) for their motivation in stimulating Mini Basketball within their national federation. With the tools that they will learn during the convention, FIBA is confident that the delegates will help spread the Mini Basketball movement throughout the continent and grow our basketball community.  

Molten is offering each child a ball to further help develop the sport throughout the country.