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IBF Youth Leadership Cup returns to Bali

BALI (Indonesia) - The second edition of the IBF Youth Leadership Cup (YLC) in Bali, Indonesia will commence on 24-26 September featuring a leadership workshop and a U18 Mixed 3x3 Tournament.

The conclusion of the two-part program will gather the 17 youth leaders and bring along the winning team of their respective countries tournament for a 3-day leadership seminar including the final competition on 29 September (Sunday).

The new component of this year's edition is mixing up the teams from different countries to promote inclusiveness and provide a platform for all the youth participants to create personal and learning relationships with each other.

"This year we will be mixing the teams to further build upon the notion of inclusivity of this program. We want to make sure the youth interact and learn from each other to learn necessary skills in terms of basketball knowledge and cultural values," shared IBF CSR Senior Associate, Theren Bullock Jr.

Returning for his second tour of duty as the leadership seminar moderator is former South African basketball team captain Mthoko Madonda.

Madonda is keen on developing the capabilities and give more responsibility to the youth leaders in this year's program.

"I'm excited to be in Bali again and to have more participants compared to last year is a testament to the growth of the program. We're focusing a bit more in what we can provide for the Youth Leaders in terms of their capacity to lead effectively," he said.

"We want to give them additional skills and direction to be able to equip and enable them to work with the new leaders and deliver community basketball activities in their respective countries," he added.

The IBF Youth Leadership Cup is spearheaded by FIBA's Foundation, International Basketball Foundation in partnership with FIBA's regional office in Singapore.

FIBA Oceania Executive Director, David Crocker will attend the Youth Leadership Cup and also shared his thoughts on the program.

"This is one of the best programs we have in this region, it's always rewarding to share the power of sport can have and to encourage the youth to be their best version of themselves. To witness the growth of young talented individuals is a thrilling experience and we will continue to help develop the basketball leaders of the future," he shared.

Participating countries and their selected representatives for the Youth Leadership Seminar are:

    • BRUNEI - Ashley Qinq Qing Khoo
    • CAMBODIA - Vatey Chansovatey
    • FIJI - Vika Ramara
    • GUAM - Andrew Carlos
    • INDONESIA - Regita Pramesti
    • MYANMAR - July Moe
    • LAOS - Inthilar Oupalavong
    • MALAYSIA - Koon Wei Chong
    • NEW CALEDONIA - Naike Durand
    • PALAU - Mahealani Adelbai
    • PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Gabrielle Bray
    • PHILIPPINES - Aaron Canete
    • Singapore - Amanda Lim
    • THAILAND - Noppawat Auesatjapon
    • TIMOR LESTE - Gilberto Pinto
    • VIETNAM - Linh Le
    • WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Maddie Allen