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FIBA orchestrate referee clinic for U15 Championship

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (FIBA Oceania) - FIBA Oceania Referee Manager Albert Joseph alongside FIBA Referee instructor Deborah Keirs and FIBA Development Manager Annie La Fleur presided over the Pre-Competition Clinic (PCC) for referees in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in preparation for the FIBA U15 Oceania Championship.

The PCC attracted a total of 20 referees from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Federated States of Micronesia and Tahiti in the well-attended workshop.

"We generally have a referee clinic before every tournament in Oceania and usually dedicate one full day for training and development," shared Joseph. "However, for U15 in cooperation with the Oceania office we managed to have a 2 and a half-day clinic so we had more time for preparation, training, development and we had a good turnout, and this will prepare them not only for this tournament but for future competitions as well."

The clinic started on December 1 on concluded with an on-court practical session, the day before the opening of the tournament on December 3.

Photo: On court practical session with the referees

"The clinic involved different types of training, group work, video clips, team building exercises, new rules, fitness test and a lot of on-court practical work they also finished a written rules test," offered Joseph,

Joseph shared his optimism with the group of aspiring referees in this clinic and believes that this edition will serve as the foundation for the future of officials in the region.

"We have a lot of referees from different countries who participated and their commitment to training, and development has been excellent. They showed they wanted to learn and get better," he said.

"Each one is responsible for their own learning, and with that in mind they have all been upfront and forward in trying to take on new information and adapt to new skills," he added.

From left: FIBA Development Manager Annie LaFleur, FIBA Oceania Referee Manager Albert Joseph and FIBA Referee instructor Deborah Keirs.

Kora Mea, a seasoned Papua New Guinean referee, only had good things to say about PCC and moderators.

"The training has been great, we are learning so much, there things that I haven't cared about before. I am very grateful for this workshop," Asked how the Referee Instructors have been during the clinic, "They are not good, they are great! They have treated us with respect and are very helpful," Mea ecstatically shared.

FIBA's vision in the Oceania region is to see more people bounce the ball and be involved in basketball at all levels. There has been tremendous growth in the last few years and that includes table officials, statisticians, and referees.

Photo: During the games, the referees get a post-game evaluation to help them develop

"We are targeting the grassroots of basketball, and that includes all those involved in the different aspects of the game. The basic principle is promoting the game of basketball, and that includes running official tournaments with credible officials," said Joseph.

"Get out, get involved and put a whistle in your mouth and if you enjoy it keep refereeing because we are running clinics around Oceania and we will no doubt meet up some where, and we will help you develop," ended Joseph.

List of referee participants:

Selarge Krishan Sherhon MARTIN (NZL)
Craig Anthony COPES (AUS)
Esava Vavaitamana BURESOVA (FIJ)
Callum Blair WELCH (NZL)
Robbie AH FUA (SAM)
Samuel Qijun PAN (NZL)
Luigi Orape JOHN (PNG)
Mosese Kotoisuva MAIWIRIWIRI (FIJ)
Dominic GADAD (FSM / GUM)
Madison Louise CROWLEY-LONG (AUS)
Linda Junita KELSALL (SAM)
Rosa Manaha Tuhiata MARITERAGI (TAH)
Ishmael KEKEAO (PNG)
Kora MEA (PNG)
Slieve MOHU (PNG)