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FIBA Americas to visit 23 countries on the road to the 2017 New Competition System

SAN JUAN (Americas) - The regional office of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) in the Americas has announced it is set to visit 23 countries to meet with top officials on the road to strengthening relations towards implementation of FIBA’s New Competition System coming into effect in 2017.
The visits are planned to take place in three phases. The first phase of countries to visit are Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Cuba on April-June.

The second phase will consist of visits to Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Virgin Islands and Trinidad & Tobago. In the third phase there will be visits to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.
During the visits, the delegation of FIBA, that will consist of 6 people led by the President of America’s Regional Office Mr. Usie Richards along with its Regional Director Mr. Alberto Garcia, will meet with government authorities, executives of the national federation, as well as private companies, potential sponsors and the media.
In the meetings, FIBA’s New Competition System will be presented, detailing the new era that it represents for basketball all over the world - one which features 1,680 top players during 1,200 national teams games and millions of fans all around the globe
In addition, executives of the national federations and stakeholders will receive a workshop on the rights and obligations of the entity in order to guarantee a successful tip-off in 2017.
FIBA’s New Competition System ​​in the Americas, qualifier to the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is as follows:

"This New Competition System has as its main goal the strengthening of the federations through having their national team playing at home. The moment has come for us as the International Federation to visit each country that has the possibility of participating in this system in order to meet with every stakeholder in the process to inform and obtain the necessary support so that they can maximize their road to the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. We are aware of the challenges and extra effort that this New Competition System represents for the national federations and we want to help them be prepared for the future and ensure their success going forward.”, said FIBA Americas President, Mr. Usie Richards.