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FIBA Americas celebrates FIBA Elite Referee Workshop in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES – The FIBA Americas Referee Department hosted a Referee Workshop November 24-26 in Buenos Aires before Window 5 of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Americas Qualifiers.

A selection of 12 International Referees with potential to become a part of the FIBA Elite Group attended this Workshop, and also two national referees who had great performances in the previous “FIBA Americas Training Camps” attended the Workshop. 

The participants received clinics and classes from Psychology Doctor María José Soler,  Life Coach Diego Pérez under the theme: “Being more than a Referee”, Sport Phsycologist César Bernhardt and the Sport Communicator Germán Bernhardt with the theme: “High Performance Fundamentals for Referees”.

Geraldo Fontana, Referee Manager in America affirms that this Workshop was designed to accelerate the process of this selected group to become future Crew Chiefs of the Elite Referees.

“Our target is to create, define and implement the future of the Officiating Team through a sustainable “Youth Referee Development Program” with the objective of elevating the number of Referees from the Americas in the FIBA Elite Referee Group,” said FIBA Americas Referee Manager Geraldo Fontana.

On November 26th the activities centered on discussions about Areas of Improvement, 3 Person Officiating, Communication and Reading the Game.

As a part of this activities, the workshop included the dissertation of Fitness Coordinator, Ramiro Inchauspe, who worked with the Referees during the whole weekend after the classroom sessions.

“The best way to create a solid team inside the court is creating the chemistry with this kind of activities outside of it,” said Panamanian referee Julio Anaya.

“It was a great opportunity to watch the officiating part as a whole, working the mental part along with the fitness and technical parts, so we can strength our preparation, leadership and teamwork inside and outside the court. It was a new but really important experience for us,” added Venezuelan referee Daniel Garcia.


FIBA Referees
Alejandro Sánchez (Uruguay)
Andrés Bartel (Uruguay)
Carlos Peralta (Ecuador)
Daniel García (Venezuela)
Felipe Valenzuela (Chile)
Grant Todey (United States of America)
Julio Anaya (Panama)
Leandro Lezcano (Argentina)
Leonardo Zalazar (Argentina)
Michael Weiland (Canada)
Nathaniel Saunders (Canada)
Omar Bermúdez (Mexico)

National Referees:
Alan Tiago (Brazil) - National Referee
Fernando Leite (Brazil) - National Referee

FIBA Americas Referee Department Staff:
Alejandra Gaytán (México)
Virginia Peruchini (Argentina)
Ramiro Inchauspe (FA) - Fitness Coordinator