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Development of Coaches and Referees is growing by leaps and bounds in Ecuador
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Development of Coaches and Referees is growing by leaps and bounds in Ecuador

GUAYAQUIL (Ecuador) – Development of Coaches and Referees by the Ecuadorian Basketball Federation (FEB) continues to improve the future of their National Teams and bring the name of Ecuador to the highest level internationally.

Coaches from across the country were divided into 4 venues and trained by the FEB. The cities chosen were Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca and Ibarra, which facilitated the assistance of professionals from all over the country. The instructors chosen for the training were Argentinean Luciano Martinez, who works in the training of coaches in Ecuador, in addition to coaches Marcelo Signorelli and Pablo Viera, both of Uruguayan nationality.

This revalidation of coaches was attended by more than 100 professionals who were satisfied with the conferences given, wishing to put into practice what they learned immediately in national tournaments. Along with this training the Escuela de Formación para Entrenadores Nivel 1 was developing while receiving the knowledge of foreign professionals.

Since 2016, the certification of coaches has been carried out under the guidance of Professor Luciano Martínez, who works with all the teams since his arrival in Ecuador in the post of growth and future results.

For the President of the Federation, José Arévalo, it is very important that the coaches of the country be certified or revalidate their credentials since they need to update their knowledge, it is also an essential requirement to be able to coach in official tournaments organized by the FEB.

"When you get results, it's a motivation to make different efforts to improve. There were guidelines of how to work internationally and train coaches because the human material is what needs to be improved, obtain quality and be able to take it internationally," said Luciano Martinez.

"The idea was to start to give a profile and follow a guideline on how to work in mandatory individual defense until the age of 15. In Mini Basketball we tried to lower the competition so that you can play, learn and learn more about the sport. The idea is that coaches are good pedagogues, who teach what is being trained and that is transferred to the game and not worry so much about the medal or the trophy, but that there are other things that the coach has to have to transfer as well as educate and improve the quality of the players,” he added.

The World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC), in collaboration with FIBA, presented a new Educational Platform for Coaches, freely available to basketball coaches of all levels around the world. The WABC Platform replaces the interface previously known as the FIBA Coaching Library and centralizes all the resources and information for the coaches.

"There were four revalidations in which we were able to incorporate a FIBA instructor where we experienced FIBA WABC, a plus for the coaches and we looked for training with the FIBA WABC guidelines. This year an initial training school was added so that in 5 months the coaches are prepared to apply for FIBA WABC 1," added Martinez.

"We want quality for development, which is the basis of the National Teams of Ecuador. When I started with the National Teams, my idea was to start working on processes and not on results and that coaches know that to be able to coach they have to be trained. The expectation is that the coaches do the FIBA WABC course to have a better training and that the knowledge they obtain can be applied."

From May 24-26 the FEB will hold a new revalidation in the city of Ibarra. "We will incorporate a referee to work together and see legal and illegal defenses. The teamwork with the referees is fundamental because what we want to impose is that both coaches and referees are teachers in the competitions and not so much directing to win or judge a match.”

On the other hand, in early May, in Guayaquil, a FIBA Americas National Referee Trainning Camp was organized by FIBA Americas and the FEB.

Twenty referees of the National Federation of Ecuador were selected to participate for the purpose of identifying potential prospects at the national level to be future FIBA referees in order to support the 2019 licenses and facilitate the planning in 2, 4 to 6 years to explore the national talents on time and increase the level and quality of national referees.

"We always have the support of FIBA, and in this opportunity, we also have Geraldo Fontana (FIBA Americas Referee Director). We have been making this camp for young referees for four years, we have potential for the future, some with the license for this year and until 2021. We chose 21 male referees and 3 women who were invited to this camp. We try to scrutinize the talents on time and observe them in the tournaments to see what they can improve in level and quality," said Otilio Valencia, Referee Director for the Ecuadorian Basketball Federation.

Carlos Peralta is the standard referee who will represent Ecuador in the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup and the FIBA Basketball World Cup in China and that is what the FEB wants to point to.

"He has served as a mirror for young people. He obtained the FIBA license in 2015 and with the changes that were in FIBA to obtain it, he was elected in 2017, and is one of the leaders in the country. Young people see him as an example, they know everything he has achieved in these years," added Valencia, who also said:" We have referees with a FIBA license, who are going to proudly represent Ecuador in the future, Pedro Rivadeneira, Kristian Páez, Erick Endara , Samanta Fiallos and José Tapia. They will be able to achieve many things like Carlos has achieved.”

"The future of referees in Ecuador is very promising, we have worked hard and the changes that FIBA has made have helped us improve a lot. The development of referees is very important. There is great potential and the Federation is working hard. Ecuador is going to be taken into account for many international tournaments," he added.