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CONCENCABA holds Annual Assembly with focus on implementation of FIBA’s new global strategy

DOMINICA -- The Central American and Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CONCENCABA) celebrated its Annual General Assembly on Sunday, March 8 in Dominica with a focus on the implementation of FIBA’s new strategy for the 2019-2023 cycle.

The Assembly was attended by FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis, FIBA National Federations & Sport Director Zoran Radovic, FIBA Americas President Carol Callan, FIBA Americas Executive Director Carlos Alves, and FIBA Americas Past President and current Treasurer Usie Richards, and CONCENCABA President Yamil Bukele along with members of all national federations in the Central America and the Caribbean Sub-Zone.

FIBA Strategy for the 2019-2023 period has three main priorities:
-empower national federations, -develop women in basketball
-enlarge the FIBA family.

The new strategy was discussed in detail with the Presidents and representatives from the national federations in the Sub-Zone, putting in place an implementation timeline for each pillar. Also, an important part of the meeting was dedicated to the development and promotion of 3x3, which is part of FIBA’s strategy for the period as an important tool to grow basketball in the region.

“It was a successful Assembly. CONCENCABA national federations were updated on FIBA’s plan to grow the sport in every corner of the world and special attention was given to the tools at hand that can be put in practice to promote basketball in the Sub-Zone. The Americas region is strengthened by the work done in each of the countries that took part in this Assembly, our commitment is to their empowerment and it was important to have the opportunity to listen to their specific set of circumstances and exchange ideas to maximize growth.”, said FIBA Americas President Carol Callan.