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Canada Basketball NCCP Super Clinic to provide coaches confidence so they can succeed
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Canada Basketball NCCP Super Clinic to provide coaches confidence so they can succeed

TORONTO (Canada) - From May 31 to June 2, Canada Basketball will carry out its ambitious annual training event for coaches, officials and statisticians called NCCP Super Clinic.

The initiative is part of the National Program for Certification of Trainers (NCCP) that was founded in 1974 and is carried out as a joint effort between the National Federation, the Canada Government, the governments of provinces and territories, as well as national sports organizations.

The activity will take place at McMaster University and consists of three days that include six workshops, invited speakers and two professional development courses.

The main purpose is to provide participants with the confidence to be successful through an experience with world class resources, where they can also create interpersonal and community connections, and where they also obtain certifications, while working with NBA personnel.

"The Super Clinic is our annual leadership education event," said Ron Yeung, Domestic Development Manager of Canada Basketball. "We bring coaches from around the country to train, and we also bring guest speakers and well-known coaches to come and basically talk to our basketball coaches and their impact, to understand the system in different situations. For the most part, the weekend is focused on educating our coaches in the different levels and criteria. If you coach children, there is a workshop for that. If you coach in High School, there is a workshop level for them."

The administrator also explained that he expects the participation of between 200 and 250 coaches during the three days of the camp. He also clarified that it is part of a continuous process that extends after having completed the workshops and courses, when they can then be evaluated.

"Based on the level of training they are doing and because this is a national certification program, the coaches arrive and take their educational courses, then they return to their homes where they have to complete a portfolio, go through the practical part and then they are evaluated," Yeung explained.

Among the main resources of the clinic will be the former National Team coach and assistant for the Charlotte Hornets, Jay Triano. Accompanying him will be former National Team coach Ken Shields and experienced manager Del Harris, the latter with experience with the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

At the end of the process the participants will have worked on their professional development, through the courses offered by the federation in terms of the basics of the game, learn how to train and how to train to compete. Participants can also choose certifications of official level 1 and 2 and FIBA certification as a table and/or statistical officer.