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Begley to discuss Strength and Conditioning in webinar session

Gold Coast (Australia) - The FIBA Oceania Webinar series resumes Tuesday (June 30) with James Begley discussing Strength & Conditioning for athletes.

Begley, an Exercise Physiologist based in Sydney, Australia has a wealth of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

"I have over six years of strength and conditioning coaching experience in a variety of settings and sport. I have a master's degree in Strength and Conditioning and a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology," Begley shared.

"I have been lucky enough to work with an extremely broad range of sports both in the US and Australia including time with the Sydney Kings and NCAA DII college basketball," he added.

Begley is hoping to develop the understanding and importance of conditioning to the participants in his webinar session.

"My goal is to help coaches understand the importance of strength and conditioning along with some practical tips that they can implement with their team," Begley said.

The Australian coach shared that he will focus on three important factors in considering strength training.

"My 3 key points that I will discuss are one, the importance of strength, and how to effectively implement a program. Two, the best recovery methods for athletes. Three, load management, how to do this with limited resources, and what you should be looking for," he said.

Begley, who is currently consulting for North Sydney Basketball, further elaborates on the importance of this aspect of building championship teams in sports.

"To win championships, you need to have a team that is robust and skilled in all facets of the game. This starts with building the physical capacity of your athletes," he said. "By building physical capacity you give each athlete the best chance to perform at the highest level for the duration of the season."

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