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FIBA statistics workshop in Japan
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Asia prepare statisticians for Tokyo 2020 with two-day workshop in Japan

TOKYO – A FIBA statistics workshop was held from October 20-21 in Tokyo, Japan by FIBA Regional Office – Asia.

The two-day event’s objective was to instruct and prepare a core of FIBA licensed statisticians to be ready in time for the international sporting events, including Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The workshop was conducted by FIBA Regional Office – Asia’s Statistics and Eligibility Assistant Manager, Maarouf Mawloud., summing up the number of workshop held by the FIBA Regional Office – Asia in this year to 22.

With the conclusion of this workshop, the FIBA Regional Office – Asia has now successfully achieved its 2018 target for number of statisticians. However, more workshops are planned for the coming months in 2018.

“I’m very happy to say that we have achieved our target for 2018 and been able to have FIBA Licensed Statistician in 22  countries in Asia. There’s still more workshops to be organized to cover all the 44 countries in the Region. Our next target Syria.” said FIBA Executive Director – Asia  Hagop Khajirian.

As a region, Asia has made far strides forward in improving the quality level of basketball which is emphasized and further confirmed by the success of this workshop.