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PR N°34 - FIBA to review basketball rules regarding headgear at FIBA Competitions

MIES - In the current Official Basketball Rules (Article 4.4.2), players are only allowed to wear headbands no wider than five centimetres in order to hold back hair and sweat.

This measure was established more than 10 years ago for two main reasons: safety on the basketball court and uniformity of equipment within a team.
As a result, the wearing of a turban or a headscarf, just like any other object or accessory to be worn on a player's head, is not authorised in official FIBA competitions.

In view of the upcoming FIBA World Congress on 28-29 August in Sevilla, Spain, FIBA has received formal requests from a handful of members to discuss this matter.

FIBA's Central Board, which is ultimately responsible for changes to the Official Basketball Rules, will review these requests and decide how to proceed in the best interest of the sport and of its 214 members.

The next FIBA Central Board meeting will take place on the 27 August in Sevilla.