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PARIS (The Monday International Show) -A few months ago I wrote an article describing some of my favorites internet sources which help me immensely in preparing my numerous (four a week) TV game commentaries.

I spend about three hours a day surfing for info using for instance, NBA.com's link central feature which permits one to read most local NBA newspaper coverage for free on the day it appears!

Alot of content on websites dedicated to the NBA are reader's opinions and forums which are modern and useful for giving anyone and everyone an interactive voice but you can also waste alot of valuable time if you get too caught up with following semi-informed readers!

For my professional purposes, of course, I prefer the pro writers and columnists especially if they avoid the already beaten path and have a good sense of humor!

Recently on hoopshype.com, I came across a few gems from columnists Dennis Hans and Roland Lazenby that I hardily recommend!

Hans is highly critical of the way Pat Riley uses Shaq on defence to physically plug up the lane while wearing alot of foam protection under his uniform for a false sense of security which opens Shaq up to serious contact and injury that has made him miss alot of games and could be avoided!

Go through all of Hans' links to past articles about how NBA centers should be refereed differently and also about how poorly Shaq and his coaches have handled his free throw woes notably firing Ed Palubinskas, a reputed shot doctor who helped Shaq shoot over 62 percent for the 2002 season-his career best- before being stupidly let go by an unrespectful Shaq and the Lakers!

This is all well thought out, in depth analysis that should fuel interesting discussions among those that really know and love the NBA game!

Roland Lazenby's take on the Kobe situation is much less technical and much more psychological but since this writer has closely known and followed the diva over the years, these articles are very enlightening.

He tells us how Kobe has evolved since his marriage and the painful break-up with Shaq which, in my opinion, signified that probably Kobe will never win another title!

Another interesting piece has Tex Winter defending Kobe-wow, this is a new twist!- because Tex feels that Kobe has never been better in his famous triangle offense, forcing less shots, having a better percentage and dishing out more assists this season rather than breaking out of the offense and doing his own thing like he did too often in the past according to the great Winter!

Kobe is playing well but not at the stratospheric level of Lebron who is putting up stats like Wilt in the mid-to late sixties!

James is tops in efficiency rating averaging over 31 pts, 8 rebounds and 8 assists a game along with 2 steals and 1,6 blocks a game!

He's an all-around wunderkind shooting almost 50 percent from the field and an improved 37 percent from 3 point range!

These are regular season MVP, Jordanesque type numbers, baby!

I hope these web suggestions will be to your liking and don't hesitate to pass along any sources that you have appreciated recently so that we can all share in this wonderful modern era of rapid- fire information exchange!

George Eddy

George Eddy

George Eddy, a former pro player and coach in France, has been covering basketball for Canal Plus TV since 1985. He is probably the only commentator in the world to have announced so many Olympics, NBA games, FIBA events and even Super Bowls over the last 29 years. The International Show will bring you his perspective on the NBA and its ever-growing international contingent.