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'Her time is now': Trinidad and Tobago launches first female basketball league

Miami (UNITED STATES) - The National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago launched their first all-female basketball league, Trinidad & Tobago Female Basketball League, to generate equal opportunities for female players, administrators and coaches in women’s basketball. The new initiative encourages FIBA's strategy for the development of women in basketball.

"Our ultimate goal is to convene a competition structure for women which is on par or closer to what is our male counterpart. We wish to develop women officials, coaches, referees, women in leadership positions. And most importantly to bridge the disparity between the current price structure that we offer our local female athletes in comparison to what we offer our men. We wish to remove that imaginary glass ceiling that haunts the female version of our sport," said TTFBL President Claire Mitchell. 

The League will focus on providing the tools necessary to develop and maintain competitiveness and interest in women's basketball by creating optimal conditions and systems to help women and girls participate in basketball. The league also aims to increase the participation of players, coaches, officials, administrators and increase the popularity, recognition and respect for women's basketball.

"I am 100 percent in support of the Trinidad and Tobago National Basketball Federation in the overall development of female basketball in the region," said FIBA Americas President Carol Callan. "Our time is now"

The Trinidad and Tobago Female Basketball League was formally announced on December 11th, via the league’s Facebook page. The event featured addresses from FIBA President Hamane Niang, TTFBL President Claire Mitchell and TTFBL Coordinator Allison Bastien amongst others.


Bastien also addressed a commonly asked question, why start a female league in the middle of a global pandemic? Which she responded, "If not now, when? We have time to think, plan and build."

The league, which is designed by women, aims to increase popularity and recognition of women’s basketball, following their mantra “Her Time Now.” Bastien also announced that the TTFBL  will have three sub committees: educational and technical, finance, and media and marketing.


“I congratulate the National Basketball Federation of Trinidad and Tobago for this project, a project that complies with the FIBA strategy for women in basketball as well as contributes to the development of female basketball in the region,” added FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis. “Their time is now.”