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Valentin Lazarov (Bulgarie)
Né(e) en octobre lundi, 1931, dans in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Consacré en tant qu'officiel technique intronisé(e) au FIBA Hall of Fame en juin mercredi, 2013.

Temps forts

  • Basketball referee from 1950
  • FIBA referee (1958-1983)
  • Officiated more than 440 international games and finals: FIBA World Championships and European Championships, African Championships, Asian Championships, Korac Cups, Ronchetti Cups, Final Fours, etc.
  • Since 1980: FIBA International Instructor, conducted 336 FIBA and other International Clinics for referees, commissioners and instructors in 116 countries
  • FIBA Commissioner (1983 – 2007)
  • Member of FIBA Technical Commission since 1976
  • Vice-President Technical Commission FIBA Europe (1996-2004)
  • Official FIBA Interpreter of the Rules (1992 -2005)
  • 10 Olympic Games participations
  • Author of 2 books on Basketball officiating and more than 20 articles in various sport magazines, Manuals for Commissioners, Manuals for National instructors, etc.
  • As a player: basketball team of French College (1946-1949)
  • Graduated from 2-year school for talented players (1950-52)
  • Captain of the basketball team of the Technical Univesity in Sofia (1949-1954)

Distinctions & Récompenses

  • Honorary National Referee in Bulgaria (1958)
  • Honorary FIBA referee (1976)
  • Golden Whistle as best referee in Bulgaria
  • FIBA Cup - "Radomir Shaper" (2000)
  • FIBA Basketball Oscar (2002)
  • Honorary President of the Bulgarian Referees’ Association (2005)
  • FIBA Africa ""Äbd-El-Azem Ashry"" Cup (2006)
  • Honorary Citizen of Sofia
  • 6 highest Bulgarian professional awards for his projects/medals