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Ferenc Hepp (Hongrie)
Né(e) en novembre mercredi, 1909, dans in Békés, Hungary.

Consacré en tant que personnalité marquante intronisé(e) au FIBA Hall of Fame en mars jeudi, 2007.

Temps forts

  • Graduated from Springfield College: 1935
  • Director of the Hungarian School of Physical Education and of the Scientific Research Institute of Sports
  • President of the Hungarian Scientific Academy for Sports Psychology
  • Referee in Hungary: 1937-1942
  • International referee: 1946-1957
  • President of the Commission of Amateurism in London 1948
  • Elected President of the Hungarian Basketball Federation: 1954
  • Member of the Hungarian National Olympic Committee
  • President of the Commission on Finances of FIBA: 1956-1980
  • Member of the FIBA Central Board: 1956-1980
  • Technical Commissioner of FIBA
  • Member of the Medical Council of FIBA