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Global stars back FIBA Europe girls’ basketball program at SuperCup Women Final

EKATERINBURG/MUNICH – A unique project and social media campaign aimed to promote women's and girls' basketball across Europe has enjoyed a successful tip-off at the prestigious SuperCup Women Final.

Earlier this year, the FIBA Europe Board approved the allocation of new funds to support the primary goal of attracting girls to the sport at primary and secondary school ages (6-15 years old) through a global campaign called 'Her World, Her Rules.'

Presenting an ideal opportunity to showcase the new initiative, three players from UMMC Ekaterinburg in the shape of Alba Torrens, Emma Meesseman and Maria Vadeeva were selected to promote the work - and all gave an ringing endorsement of it.

"I think every project to stimulate young girls to play basketball or just sport is great and it should be promoted to the maximum," enthused reigning EuroLeague Women Final Four MVP, Meesseman.

"We professional players should use our platform because we are an example for young girls. So, I really support this project and hope that young girls will follow their dreams."

Torrens added: "I think it's a great project to help little girls to fight for their dreams to play basketball.

"I think basketball gives so many values for life, and we are learning while we are enjoying beautiful sport."

Meanwhile Vadeeva, who is still only 20-years-old herself, commented: "I'm really glad that such projects are organized.

"We would like to have a similar project in Russia as well. That would be good if there were more of such projects. It's a great contribution to the development of sport for young girls.

"We would like to see more campaigns and competitions on the European level for young girls of these ages," she insisted.

They were joined by Galatasaray trio Isil Alben, Farhiya Abdi and Monika Grigalauskyte, who along with FIBA Executive Director Europe, Kamil Novak, all took the chance to promote this exciting grassroots development in the women's game.

FIBA Europe is working in partnership with National Federations right across Europe to embed the campaign. The total investment will be up to 1 million euros across the next two years, including co-financing from those selected for the project.

The initiative will be based on a range of engagement activities including collaboration with schools and clubs on 3x3, mini-basketball and coaching clinics. FIBA Europe's Project Management Committee has been tasked with selecting the best 25 projects in 2018, and best 25 projects in 2019.