Continental Cups

  • Each continent has its own respective FIBA Continental Cup competition (known until 2015 as Continental Championships) which will be held every four years after the 2017 editions.

    EuroBasket Cup (known until 2015 as EuroBasket)

    EuroBasket has existed since 1935 when Latvia won the first-ever tournament in Geneva. After that, Lithuania won consecutive titles and soon the Soviet Union was to take a firm grip on the competition between 1947 and 1971, winning it 11 times and they still lead the way with 14 titles to their name. Yugoslavia went on to win it eight times in total, with three for Lithuania and two each for Italy, Greece and Spain who tasted success for the first time in 2009 and defended their crown in 2011. France were champions for the first time in 2013, while Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia and even Egypt also have one title on their respective resumes.

    Americas Cup (known until 2015 as FIBA Americas Championship)

    There have been five different winners of the FIBA Americas Championship since its inception in 1980, with the USA leading the way after coming out on top at six different editions. Puerto Rico started the ball rolling with the first-ever title and a major party on home soil in San Juan. They won three of the first four editions, also finding success in 1989. Brazil have three titles, Argentina have won it twice and there was history in 2013, when Mexico were first-time winners.

    Asia Cup (known until 2015 as FIBA Asia Championship)

    China has been the dominant nation at the FIBA Asia Championship with 15 titles - three times more than any of its rivals. However it was Philippines who were the early pacesetters from the opening edition in 1960, winning four of the first seven - a further success following in 1985. Korea and Japan have both triumphed twice, with Iran rising to the fore of late, by lifting the title three times between 2007 and 2013.

    AfroBasket Cup (known until 2015 as AfroBasket)

    Established in 1962 as the United Arab Republic won the first two titles, AfroBasket witnessed a rich and diverse list of champions until Angola took control of the podium’s top step from 1989 onwards, winning 11 of the 14 most recent titles. However, Tunisia did win their inaugural title in 2011 and Nigeria are the current holders after finally winning the competition for the first time in 2015.

  • Each continent has its own respective FIBA Continental Cup competition (known until 2015 as continental championships) which is held every two years. As well as highly respected and prestigious competitions and titles in their own right, they also act as qualifying routes for the Olympic Games and FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup.

    EuroBasket Women Cup (known until 2015 as EuroBasket Women)

    EuroBasket Women has existed since 1938 when Italy won the first edition. The Soviet Union then took a stranglehold with a truly incredible 21 of the next 22 titles - including 17 in a row. Only Bulgaria broke up their sequence by winning in 1958. More recently, it’s been wholly unpredictable with not a single successful title defence and eight different winners - including current holders Serbia, who will attempt to defend their title at EuroBasket Women 2017 in Czech Republic.

    Americas Women’s Cup (known until 2015 as FIBA Americas Women’s Championship)

    Having now moved into its third decade, the FIBA Americas Women’s Championship saw Canada take their second title on home soil in Edmonton in 2015, having won the first edition back in 1995 in front of their own fans in Hamilton. In between the first chapter and the most recent, there have only ever been three other winners, with Brazil leading the way on five titles, Cuba landing three and USA winning on their rare appearance when they entered the 2007 edition.

    Asia Women’s Cup (known until 2015 as FIBA Asia Women’s Championship)

    China and Korea have dominated the FIBA Asia Women’s Championship since it began in 1965. China have 11 titles to their name, while first-ever winners Korea have finished as champions on 12 occasions. China had hoped to equal the record as hosts of the 2015 edition in Wuhan, but lost to Japan as the defending champions retained their crown, having won it for the first time in four decades in Bangkok in 2013. Nobody outside of the trio have ever won the competition.

    AfroBasket Women Cup (known until 2015 as AfroBasket Women)

    Established in 1966 as the United Arab Republic won the first two titles, a sole success for Madagascar followed, prior to Senegal becoming the juggernaut and collecting 9 out of the next 12 editions, their superiority broken three times by Zaire. There were back-to-back titles for Nigeria, with Mali raising the trophy aloft to make history with their maiden title in 2007. Senegal ended their drought in 2009 to take a 10th title and that preceded two titles for Angola.