14 October, 2019
15 April, 2020
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The emotion of Piñero and the pass to the semifinals

Some low performances in the Liga Nacional led him to not be so comfortable, but the arrival of Nestor Garcia as a coach changed his face. Facundo Piñero stopped being a simple shooter to become in a beast, of those players that are important in the structure of a team. The "Faca" improved in defense, he won a place and above, he was the hero against Franca, turning the double that gave the pass to San Lorenzo semifinals, which will now face Quimsa.

"Without a doubt it was a couple series against a team that was coming at a great moment. Luckily we became strong at home and reversed it by winning both games. In the end I had no doubt that it had been within the time and I felt an immense joy when the last ball came in, "said Piñero, the power forward that won the match 75-73 over the end of the third game.

The one born in Mar del Plata made a change in his way of defending and that paid off: "I knew I had a very hard job defending Lucas Dias, who is a great player. In the first game in Brazil I defended him when he grabbed the ball, but in Buenos Aires we decided to mark it forward to fight the position. I think that the all team defended in the best way and pressed from the start. The first day Nestor Garcia arrived, he told me that I had to correct things of my defense and I did it, all thanks to him. Personally, I think that as time goes , I feel better and better - We have a great team and we need everyone to do well. "

The quarterfinals have passed and tremendous semifinals are coming against Quimsa from Santiago del Estero, whom they know very well. And Piñero said about the next opponent: "Quimsa is a great team that is also having a good moment. We have to defend just as hard as the last series in order to get it through. I hope people encourage us with everything again. These two games were fantastic , the weather was spectacular and luckily we could give these two wins to all who support us".

The semifinal series will begin in Buenos Aires and will be defined in Santiago del Estero, where the second and an eventual third game will be played.