14 October, 2019
15 March, 2020
Barrera es bienvenido en Flamengo
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The challenge of Panchi Barrera

Flamengo is one of the clubs with more history and more power of the Basketball Champions League Americas. The Brazilian team was armed with everything to win the contest and after the debut of Eloy Camacho Vargas in the third window of the first phase, the last to arrive was Gustavo Barrera.

The Uruguayan arrived Flamengo to further strengthen the team base, a position he shares with Franco Balbi and Eryk Ramos. The shipowner of the "charrúa" team spoke with the BCLA site and said: "They are two great players and it is an honor to have next to Franco Balbi, who was the MVP of the last league in Brazil".

The Brazilian team won Group D undefeated, triumphing in all four games. And that is what "Panchi" Barrera said: "What I can say is that there was a good level of many equipment. Flamengo played a very good role being first in his group. Now comes Regia Force which is another tough opponent".

The series will begin on the 16th of this month in Mexico and then move to Rio de Janeiro. Is it important to define of local? "It is very good to make a good presentation and define before our people because their support is important. We must continue along the same line in which the team comes and those who join us have to try to contribute a plus. This local and visitor format, matches the tournament more, something that favors the competition".

Flamengo is in the final of Super 8 of the Brazilian league (defines Saturday against Franca) and Barrera adapts: "We are focused on that tournament because it would give us the qualification for the next BCLA. It is a new challenge for my career in the Brazilian league because it is also very recognized. I hope to contribute mine to the team to get the best results".

The 34-year-old Uruguayan base did not escape the selection issue, where the "charrúas" must face a very tough competition as the pre-Olympic to dream of arriving in Tokyo 2020: "As always it will be very complicated, but We have the confidence to try to achieve the goal. They are tremendous rivals". Uruguay will share Group B of the headquarters of Victoria, Canada, with the Czech Republic and Turkey.