14 October, 2019
31 October, 2020
Quimsa se sigue entrenando.
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Quimsa rebuild to prepare for BCLA Semi-Final

SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO (Argentina) - COVID-19 break came perhaps at the best moment for the team. Quimsa have been a model club in Argentina for the past few years. The team has shown results on the court, but it also has developed a clear and colorful game plan. Sebastián González gave his footprint to a team that was ranked first in the National League and that is one game away from getting into the Final of the Basketball Champions League Americas.

On October 25, Quimsa will play its third game with San Lorenzo to decide who will face Flamengo in the Final. The squad is missing role players such as Juan Brussino and Brandon Robinson, who are abroad. But Fabián Ramírez Barrios, Trevor Gaskins and Franco Baralle, and another rumored player will arrive to fill in the gaps. There is also a solid base with Nicolás Copello, Iván Gramajo and several guys from the team, and Mauro Cosolito will offer his vast experience.

"It is quite different, and a lot of importance is given to health protocols to take care of each other. We know that we have to arrive in the best way on the 25th, it will be a game that defines the passage to a final. We all returned physically well, and we will be prepared. Personally, I feel good because in my quarantine I was able to train at my home in Santa Fe, physically and with the ball too", shared Cosolito, the 31 year old forward.

Quimsa will play everything against San Lorenzo and Cosolito has analyzed the BCLA format: "We would have liked to finish the competition, but the pandemic exceeded us all. I love the format of playing home and away, but now being the only match on a neutral court, anything can happen. Flamengo has some advantage because they’ve been playing, but we will do our best to win this important competition. Although we lost several players, a base was maintained, and good decisions were made".